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all-knowing and authoritarian zealots, gods, demigods, omnipotent
lords & masters, and/or those whom would be so.
  Each Citizenry eye-opener (copyright N.R. FILIDEI all rights reserved) listed contain: "TOTALLY Honest Neil's" un-equivocating forthrightness, plus his not boring ANYONE Guarantee,.........no matter the article length, reader's race, nationality and/or Bent.  

Some current doodles and/or significant commentaries as follow

Closing Gitmo is INSANE!!!

Which Ruler Most Naive

Is Prez Subversive or Nuts?

"Wake Up AMERICA"!

WHY NOT Voter IDs???

Nationally Suicidal Leader

Which Secretary Worst???

Foolish Leaders (bipartisan)

Stupid Pandering or Campaigning??

Absurd Subsidies???


Civilian Way Wrong!!!

"In Deep Do-Do!"

Pretty-much Contented Suckers

The Distinguished Gentleman

Are Mexicans of Less Value?

Are Russian People and Press More Free?

Just Go For The Righteous Kill

Fair and Square Winning BULL!

"The REAL Obama"

"Intelligence Insulting" President

"Big Bird" Top Priority???

Venezuela Voting Obviously MORE Legit

Offensive To Islam

WHY the: "Benghazigate" COVER-UP?

AMAZING,... isn't it?

Phonies', Hypocrites' and Deceivers' CONVENTION

What Absolute BS!!!

BHO II or Junior's 700+ BILLION$ Scam!

"Mindless Nuts" or Just Big Shareholders??

"Remember those NON-Existant WMDs"?

RACIST Voter ID Ploy

Pre School Justices

Reasonable Questions

Supremacist BULL

Why the Double Standard?

"Most Dangerous For We Americans"?

Taxpayers VS Greedy Superiors

"What A-Damn-Hypocrite!"

Obama Ate Dog???

"Second Class Veterans" DEFENDED

\"Money Can't Buy Friends"

Disingenuous Are Liars

No Doubt Whatsoever

Biggest Oil Suckers

OPEC Rulers NOT the Bad Guys

Dem Exposes Dems' TRUE Intent for USA

Canada & China Are Much Wiser


Voter Fraud Encouragers

Corrupt LIARS or DECEIVERS or Both???

OBAMA/MARX "Fairness" Gimic

More of MY/YOUR/OUR Money Wasted!!!

POOR Billionaire Corzine

Strange, Wierd & Sick Times!

Political Hypocrites Are the Worst

Are Texans Only PC Suckers in USA?

Jordan IS Palestine

Hospital Records NOT Birth Certificates

Biggest Contributor$ get Biggest PAY-OFFS

"Collective Bargaining" For SUCKERS

Fannie and Freddie Finaglers

Most Sensible 10% Solution

LONG OVERDUE King Tut Sarcasm

KGB or Progressive Sheriff

Career Zealots Never Change

Important PRE-Election Questions

Another Dictated Foreign Aid Lunacy

Wierder Than Usual "Stimulus" for We $uckers!!!

Typical Conquering Moment

Muslim Mole, Plant or Ringer???

NASA Now a Muslim Mosque?

USA More Dictatorial Than Usual, Lately

USA's Marxists or Dem: "Community Organizers" RULE!!!

What: "PROGRESSIVE" Hypocrites!!!

"YOU LIE" was/is" "Gospel".

"PEACE" or just Foreign BS Prize??

Hispaniola, One-Third Confusion

Damn!!!,...When Will It Ever End???

Which Career-BSers Worse For USA?

What's In a Name,..."BARRY"?

"And the Beat Goes On"!

Sure Hope America Survives

No Suprise from Political Supremacists

WOW!!!,...Give US (both ways) a Break JOE"

World History Repeated, HERE?

Just a Labor Day Thought

"The Rangle Rule"

High Office OBVIOUSLY: "Scrambles Brains".

"Good Morning (AMER-I-C-A-A-A-A)"!!!

"One Size Fits All"???

Want to TRULY fix: "Broken"...?

"Gaggle of Pompous Lordly Twits"?

"Wildly Enthusiastic"!

"...obviously EVEN make Bad Pimps"!

HONEST or NON-Pandering Advice


"Even Duped Moron Voters..."

Typical RICO Style Defense

Answer Me This?

"Have any others ever wondered"?

Corporate/Government Thieves, Shills or Swindlers???

Terminal Case of the Stupids

Value of: "The Almighty Buck"?

"Envy of the World"??????


"Checks & Balances... A Grandiose Fallacy"

"GREAT Analogy"

"Key Questions MUST BE ASKED"!

Timeless & Most Honest Email Ever!

BEST Fail, Bail or Jail???

"Pure (eh?) Political Genius"

Wannabe Commissariat V.P.???

"There's a time for..." & Hanging Also

Is BBB or Barack Bull Believable?

BIG OIL Imbroglio, Con or Rip-off ???

"Getting Past Wright", Wrong

8 American Flags Ploy

Pompous Ethnic & Race Zealots

"Free Speech" DUPES

Legion, VFW, Woodbridge & NJ Biased

"It Ain't Necessarily So"

"I'd rather Fight than Switch"

"You-just-gotsta-Lo-o-ove it"!

Peace, Fleece or Grease Prize?

"Stupid is as Stupid Does" Leftists

Columbinejad Nuts

BIG/LONGTIME phonies/hypocrites

"...Will Be Brought to Justice"?

"Instead TALK to Iran & Syria"??

The Bloomberg Shuffle or Hustle

San Francisco EAST

Truly: "HAIRY" State of Affair

Lordly Cuckoos, Popinjays or Vultures?


Dems Naive, Nuts or Insane Turncoats?

ALWAYS Count on Mother Nature

DEADLY Political Carnival

NEVER ASKED Key Question

UNACCEPTABLE Dem Press Questions

The REAL People of OZ


It's About Time!!!


Mullahs or P-C fanatics MOST DEADLY?




THANK YOU!!! ... Senator John Kerry

Political or Officials Mobsters


Asinine Political Correctness OR Survival?

An Amazing Clique Gall

Many more commentaries by "reconeil" can be accessed and even commented on at www.patriotfiles.com. Have at him,..... or me.




All ONE-OF-A-KIND manuscripts listed are quite revealing…

un-n-d ve-e-e-ry in-n-teresting (to say the least).

PAST URGENT (by about 12 years) ALERT
About 800 words regarding a nationally-suicidal and dirty-little-secret:
Mother of All Stupidity

This 1994 copyrighted and 1994 printed :"Most asinine foreign policy" EVER, in that MANY THOUSANDS of obvious foreign moles, spies, infiltrators and likely murderers were brought HERE and dispersed throughout America AT GREATER THAN GREAT (yet to be determined) EXPENSE to the American People, ...
 is a must read.


SO-O-O...merely wish reading, unequivocating - for-a-change - or improving ones readership with unique, eye-opening and awakening perspectives, and ABOVE ALL
non-echoing viewpoints and commentaries... DIS-IS-DUH-PLACE.


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