BHO II or Junior's 700+ BILLION$ Scam!
by N.R. Filidei (August 15 , 2012 - commentary)

This latest expose' about President Barack Hussein Obama II or Jr. TRULY takes the cake.
Also, it shows exactly how deceptive, slick and devious old Barry or current Barack TRULY IS.

Fortunately for ALL Americans and especially Senior Citizen Retirees typically scared-to-death by scurulous Democrats over threatened loss of MEDICARE,...this latest, Dirtiest and Most Costly to America of all Democrat Secrets has been publicly exposed.

Many thanks to all responsible for uncovering such truths and reporting same to US (both ways).

Regardless, now even the most staunchly adoring believers of Obama or suckers can now see just how duplicitously-corrupt: "His Barackness" (nickname given him by foolishly adoring Brits) and rest of his cronies and cohorts truly are.

After all, Lordly Decree Diverting 700+ BILLION$ in PREMIUM PAID FOR MEDICARE Fund$ to help finance his: "Obamacare" and/or the adding of Many Millions of people to the rolls of MEDICAID or basically Welfare type Medical Care, reality and comparison Obama makes Barney Madoff seem like some chump-change-embezzler.

I'm sorry if I've belittled or offended you in any way, shape or form,...Mr. Madoff.
That most definitely was not my intention.

The End