BIG/LONGTIME phonies/hypocrites
by N.R. Filidei (9/13/07 - commentary)

Let me get this right?   The most ideologically divided and most politically adversarial ruled nation on earth and/or America expects much better from other countries, while CAN NEVER EVEN UNITE ITSELF politically to defeat & destroy its common enemies (now Islamic Terrorists).  Such is even more stupid than expecting Paris Hilton & Britney Spears pontificating Proper Dress, Morality & Chastity matters at some Seminary or Convent  will be well received and taken seriously by the religiously devout, or ANYONE ELSE for that matter.

Gets even more mind-boggling when many American Political Leaders quite threateningly DEMAND & INSIST that their counterparts of the newly established Malaki Government of Iraq QUITE DIFFERENTLY UNITE against the armies of Fanatical & Murderous Islam.  Holding newly Liberated and still Under Siege Sunni & Shiite Politicians to a much higher standard for fighting terrorism (corruption also), and such that American Politicians rarely adhere to (if ever?) themselves, is quite stupidly-arrogant and pompously hypocritical at best.

Damn-it-all,…American Congressional Officials & Personnel never have to daily fear death, just for doing their jobs or even going to church.   Nor, do any Americans ever need fear even being slapped-on-the-wrist if enemy helpful & encouraging or treasonable (the norm of MANY here).   Nowadays such lunacies absurdly called: “Free Speech”,…instead of the actual reality of; “Aiding & Abetting Enemy”.                               

Regardless, currently obvious or a blatant superiority or supremacy displayed over foreign people is absurd by any stretch, and especially while Iraqis are still under daily siege.  Such epitomizes that quite pompously dictatorial: “Do as I say and not as I do” quip.   “People in glass houses should never throw stones” not too shabby using either, even though American, Allied & Iraqi Troops no doubt using an even better saying.         All likely (quite rightfully also) griping: “With friends & supporters like America’s Democrat Turncoat Leaders & Supporters and/or despicable wartime under-mining Leftists, whom-in-the-hell-needs-enemies”?     

WOW!!!  Talk about so many lordly hypocrites of EXCEPTIONALLY POLITICALLY DIVIDED  USA!!!   Hell, National Survival, Warfare, Crime and even what obviously Just Plain Stupid are quite politically or quite asininely and perpetually debated here, INSTEAD of wisely resolving matters once and for all.

Used to think that Americans in Authority never permitting The U.S. Military to TOTALLY DESTROY & ACHIEVE TOTAL VICTORY over enemies for over 60 YEARS or basically since end of World War II were   enough quite stupid nationally-suicidal dictates, to deal with?   Surely must reevaluate my way of thinking.  

 “Shades of Vietnam”!   Once again America’s career-politicians are decreeing that friends & comrades under attack be deserted to their fates.  Even today doesn’t matter at all that New Masters will no doubt be mass-murderers whom NEVER WILL distinguish between combatants and defenseless civilians (babies also).

Also quite unfortunately, America’s Far Left or Radical Leftists, like-minded United Nations and most all Middle East Rulers see nothing wrong with such grand scale cowering desertions.  Most alluded to encourage such stupidly & foolishly, while the more dishonorable do so for cause & also deceptively in the name of: “Peace”.     Either way done, such low-life phonies are Absolutely Disgusting!               

Still, and before too late, Americans better soon stop allowing themselves to be dictated by largely phony Democrats or Liberals and/or deceptively named ACLU types.   I’ve stated: “Deceptively named”, since the word: “American” honestly & realistically has no place whatsoever in what obviously A Foreign Nationals Civil Liberties Union, more so than anything else.   Socialists calling selves:”Liberals”, always cockamamie too.   

Regardless, and foreign nationals (here legally or otherwise) Obviously More Concerned About & Represented Better here than AVERAGE American Citizen aside, let’s get back to disgracefully leaving friends to be punished & killed by murderous enemy and/or Quite Tragic American National Embarrassments.

In that context, wasn’t The Jane Fonda Debacle of her gleefully championing & encouraging enemies during wartime in North Vietnam, and afterwards with crowd & cohorts just shrugging-off merciless slaughter of MILLIONS of people in South East Asia as if just Tough Luck,…more than enough of a DISHONORABLE  NATIONAL DISGRACE dictated upon We Americans?   This American Veteran most certainly believes so?

Also believe that complacently keep permitting same intransigent: “Hanoi Jane” or Democrat/Leftist Mentality types to now similarly prevail and rule the day in Iraq, and even MANY MORE MILLIONS of civilians than were despicably slaughtered in Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam, would unconscionably: “Bite the dust” or desert sands.     Such would be inevitable.

So then, guess it more than fair saying that: “Islamo-Fascist” Dictators, Mullahs and/or age old & innate; “Stone Killers/Assassins” in Arab garb are infinitely more astute & wise about warfare (history also), than apparently America’s Democrat Controlled Congress (even some Republicans also)…WILL EVER BE.

You can bet your bottom dollar or even bippy that: “A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand” isn’t merely discounted as historic babbling, by all Murderous Muslim Dictators posing as Holy Men (?). Quite the opposite or quite unlike many American Leaders obviously believe.  Islam DEPENDS UPON and takes great advantage of such an unarguable statement of fact,…and QUITE WISELY & MOST EACH & EVERY DAY.

Islamic Killers also QUITE DIFFERENTLY & HEAVILY rely upon that: “United We Stand - Divided We Fall” profundity, since giving them Another Edge. Would that DESPICABLY POLITICALLY DIVIDED (every which way imaginable under the sun) & LETHALLY BLABBER MOUTH America & Free World were just as wise?         

Guess most American & Allied Warlords are just too stupidly hell-bent always giving enemies: “The Edge”? After all, why-in-the-hell order or dictate unilateral (one-sided) & self-restricting Rules of Engagement which are ALWAYS enemy helpful and place Our Combat Troops at Further Risk than SHOULD EVER NEED BE?

Just like FOR the rest of Americans, believe The Troops Deserve Much Better Chance at Survival, ALSO.

Whatever, Folks and/or likely Fellow: “Soft Targets of Opportunity for Fanatical Islam", I just: “Calls ‘em (re. insane absurdities) as I sees ‘em”. Sorry: “Pilgrims” & “Don’t blame The Messenger”.

The End