The Bloomberg Shuffle or Hustle
by N.R. Filidei (June 24, 2007 - commentary)

Whether looking to blow smoke or just a few hundred million bucks or only just seeking more notoriety and limelight, billionaire Bloomberg (just like Soros & Perot) could most certainly help determine the future political landscape, complexion and outcome (good or bad).    Regardless, hope Old Money Bags sticks to his guns, doesn’t change his mind, and actually runs for The United States Presidency.                           

After all, it could prove quite disastrous for America if the quite liberal Mayor of New York City opted not to run as An Independent, as did: “Spoiler Perot”.   The longtime (about 7 years) of Democrat attacks and character assassinations would surely pay off, and thus make:
“Recapturing The White House” and/or Primary Democrat Objective, all that much easier.
Such would be worst wartime outcome possible for America,...and very best for Islam.

Think such naive or way-off-the-mark, politically?    Well then, just zero-in for a moment on just a few sad realities (some say: AStupidly biased, preferential, nationally-suicidal & downright treasonable@) politically shoved down our throats,...and for QUITE SOME TIME (about 2 or so politically-correct decades). 

First and foremost since historically proved most detrimental for America as a whole,there are and have been those incessantly non-stop campaigning and never ending Purposefully Pandering Democrat Political Machine, to contend with on a daily basis. Thanks to an overwhelmingly Democrat Favorable Press, such perpetual obstructionists & under-miners even cause many problems beyond our borders (realistically non-borders by worldly comparison or in a sovereignty sense).

No doubt the continuous Democrat pandering of most everyone on earth (naturally The U.S. Worker/Taxpayer excluded) are GREATLY relished, appreciated, encouraging and reassuring for MANY MILLIONS of foreign nationals (MANY MILLIONS of enemies, insurgents, aliens & other criminals inclusive) wishing to sneak into America,...FOR WHATEVER REASONS,  TROUBLE CAUSING or DESPICABLE EVILS.
Hey,...not all sneaking into America just want to pluck fruits, veggies and: “Our Bennies”. 

However and even more unfortunate for We Americans not as concerned about or as well represented as are foreign nationals by many of our political leaders,...such doesn’t paint a very pretty picture for: “We The (Schnooks)” or THE TOTAL PAYERS of much governmental nonsense and everything else, plus vast and quite costly foreign nationals’ incurred expenses .   Also, the future doesn’t look all that rosy as to those:  “Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness”, Safety, Security, Sovereignty & Survival expectations either,...for We most likely: “Soft Targets of Opportunity” for Fanatical Mass-Murderers of Islam.

Like it or not: APilgrims@.    But, we’uns (re. America & entire Free World) aire; “Somewhere between a rock and a hard place” and/or safeguarded by people out of touch with stark realities and also a cavalier disregard about being under attack by MANY wishing to kill & destroy us.  Such far from being very reassuring for me, mine and all Americans.     Current politics getting downright scarier than terrorism, folks.

Whereas and quite differently, fanatical: “Islamo/Fascists” take this warfare business and/or fights to the death for national survival or religious supremacy, MUCH MORE SERIOUSLY.    Will never see those fanatically: “Avowed to Allah” mass-murderers of both Infidels and Muslims (peace-loving of Islam also) considered: “Fair game”, “Dog meat” or; “Lower than whale (excrement)” want to; “Negotiate” or seek; “Political Resolutions” FOR ANYTHING.    Well, least not until forced to regroup, re-arm or just cornered like killer rats for extermination or annihilation, anyway.     Only a relative few have been duped or conned into being actually suicidal for Fanatical Islam.
Most such mass-murder Defenseless Men, Women and Children (Babies also) Infidels, just for pay or pleasure ...or both.

Whatever, and since QUITE unlikely that Murderous Islamic Leaders will ever act stupidly nationally-suicidal or self-defeating as many American & Western Leaders daily do aside, let us get back to that Mayor Bloomberg hopefully running for The U.S. Presidency, as an IndependentThat too is also QUITE important for America & Free World surviving terrorism.

In fact, one can only pray that The Billionaire Mayor does just as well politically for The Good Guys & The U.S. Military, as Perot did for: “The Democrats/Socialists/Leftists posing as Liberals” and The War Protester President Bill Clinton,...and TWICE to-boot. Hey,...are The Clintons & Perots related?    Sure-as-hell seemed so,...BOTH TIMES.

Regardless,...GO BLOOMBERG BABY-GO!!!, and knock those perpetually obstructing,  demoralizing and wartime under-mining ACLU type Dems out of contention. “America Needs YOU!”   Plus, we’re running out of time against terrorists & terrorism.Can’t logically expect Fanatical Islam to keep biding its time patiently,...FOREVER.

Besides, helping SANE PEOPLE to attain High Office INSTEAD of politically-correct types or believers in oxymorons, or even keeping ANOTHER Clinton Team from commandeering the helm,  is currently The Very Best Service to Country that you (many others also) could possibly do.

America will still need SERIOUS & HONORABLE LEADERS fighting terrorism in 2008. NOT enemy encouraging & enemy helpful fools, as NOW control The U.S. Congress.


The End