by N.R. Filidei (1/13/06 - commentary)

It's obvious that unity, tenacious resolve and steadfastness (sometimes even sad events also) usually pay off quite well for some. Add a lot of lies, deceit and pretty-much an overall press/media support and help to the mix,...and VOILA! The: "Democrats/Socialists/Leftists posing as Liberals" and now also supposedly as patriots(?),...get/got REWARDED BIG TIME!!!

Still, and since Democrats have controlled U.S. Congresses for about 60 of the last 70 years, one totally understands why continually having whined as Sore Losers for about the last 10 years. "They" ACTUALLY believe that Total Power & Control over all We Americans is ACTUALLY "Their" sole province, domain and divine calling and/or reason for being. Of course not so, and especially for any Free People not considering themselves wiser and morally superior to all others.

However, and where the obvious gets a little bit confusing, is that even after once again: "Recapturing" control of The U.S. Congress and/or: "America's Purse String", The Democrats STILL come-off adamantly vindictive against all Republican or Conservative opposition.

WOW!!!,...talk about Dems NOW even being petty, shallow, deceiving, lordly-vindictive, and even shrewish and catty Sore Winners. Never ever before knew that there were such as: "Sore Winners". Truly amazing.

Whether amazing to some or not, such certainly cannot be denied since witnessed by many on nationwide television or radio just the other day. Fortunately I was watching on TV, otherwise would have thought that Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice was being interrogated and chastised by a gaggle of vicious Arab, European and Muslim Interrogators, INSTEAD.

Seemed truly odd to me that any of the: "Happy Days Are Here Again" Crowd (plus a few Republican Dupes) would so embarrass themselves publicly, by their robotic, in concert, quite childlike and asininely-scolding and finger-pointing of a Fellow American Oath Taker to The American People. Damn,...what pompously vindictive Power & Control Freaks.

Even worst from such wild-eyed politically vindictive nuts, is the reality that Condoleeza Rice is now charged with one of the most difficult jobs ever, in American History. Nor did it seem very American, feigning to her and America about being very upset about sending about 20,000 NEEDED REINFORCEMENTS to U.S. Troops in Iraq. Also, threatening her with not paying for The NEEDED REINFORCEMENTS,...wasn't all that very America-friendly either. Just where do "THEIR" allegiances truly lay?

Regardless, let's back to The Grown-up or Survival World and away from The Surreal, Petty & Vindictive World of Quite Suspect (at best) Democrat Politics. Thus, and in a differently quite realistic context, one must logically assume that most all terrorists worldwide are ALSO singing: "Happy Days Are Here Again", TOO. Naturally, not sung joyously merely in the political oneupmanship vein. No doubt sung for much more important, deadly and lethal reasons,...don't you think?

Hey,...no one should ever only think that our enemies are nothing more than barbaric, merciless, unconscionable and sicko as it gets. But, and like it or not, The Terrorist Breed are Quite United and sophisticated, and most certainly Not Stupid.

Would that America's Leaders were as United destroying a common enemy aside, our enemies know full-well whom or which politicians Serve "Their" Interests and "Their" Objectives BEST. An Abraham Lincoln, Reagan or Bush type Congress wouldn't fit their criteria VERY WELL at all. Whereas, a gullible and naively: "Chamberlain" style Congress will no doubt Serve Terrorists & Terrorism's despicable aims QUITE WELL & BEST.

Whatever, and even though currently saddled with well or nattily dressed: "Benedict Arnolds" or duplicitous types bogusly stating: "We Support The Troops"(Yeah, sure?), fortunately for my sanity and alleviating perpetual disgust I have a fairly good sense of humor,...truly a must these days.

So then, I believe that others would also really get a kick out of hearing: "Happy Days Are Here Again", sung by a very large convention of fanatical terrorist murderers, their suppliers and cheer leading supporters. Would no doubt be a little tough on the ears. But, should sound pretty-funny?

Funnier still at the very end of the questioned whether A Democrat or actual Terrorist Victory Tune sung in Arab, Iranian, North Korean and Syrian (some European languages also) combined,...would be when America's: "NEW & IMPROVED" and "MUCH BIGGER & BETTER" "Daisy-Cutter" hits such an; "OUTSTANDING!" Target of Mankind's Most Deviant of Sickos.

Now, now, now. Chill-out. Think my joke a-tad-bit too harsh,...Oh Politically-Correct (quite an oxymoron) Ones?

Well then, I'll just make it a little more personal here by saying: "Screw ALL Terrorist Ilk and ALL Political Assh---s whom cannot take a joke". There now, satisfied?

Besides, my doctor tells me that it's much healthier joking about lordly and pompous jackass politicians, than just perpetually bottling up the disgust over such. Such being exceptionally fine and sound medical advice, especially for any Subjects living in the still quite lordly & dictatorial: "Garden State" and/or; "Still Colonial New Jersey".

The End