An Amazing Clique Gall
by N.R. Filidei (9/26/06 - commentary)

It's a given since obvious to most, in that The Deny, Deny and Deny Tactic and quite indignantly diverting any and all blame or culpabilities toward others,...have longtime worked quite well for The Clintons and Democrats. Though, and unfortunately same apparently main and primary forte of The Democrats has not worked well or Served The Rest of US (both ways),...
JUST AS WELL. Quite The Opposite.

Only recently and during a nationwide interview, ex-President Bill Clinton and/or once called: "The Lover-boy-In-Chief" by some in opposition, and; "Bubba", "Slick Willy" or "Greatest Politician Ever", by many of an adoring press, beholders, friends, followers and cohorts,...displayed himself as unbelievable and suspect of intent as ever. Most definitely loosing it and/or loosing his cool,...wasn't all that very presidential either.

Quite foolishly the interviewer Chris Wallace DARED asking The Democrat El Supremo about Osama Bin Laden. What was Chris thinking? Such surely not politically-correct and/or most definitely NOT PUBLICLY Democrat acceptable.

And besides, such an obvious lordly irreverence by Wallace pretty-much ended any interviewing, and The Public was then subjected to standard and typical DNC variations or diversions of truths and realities. Indignantly fuming and wild-eyed Bill Clinton repeatedly stating: "Ah-tried killing Bin Ladin more times than any other President",...was one-helluva-doozey or spectacle to say the least.

Yeah, sure..."Bubba"? Bombing some milk factory in Sudan truly describes one of your best or supposed(?) TRIES at killing Osama? Also, how many TRIES were made killing Bin Ladin right here on American Soil,...before YOU & YOUR ADMINISTRATION let him and mass-killer entourage quite easily skip-off back to their camels, terrorist training camps or wherever?

Whatever, while interview turned typical non-stop defensive speech against The Mean Old "Racist" & "Uncaring" Republicans and their "LIAR" President Bush, ex-Prez Bill quite sophomorically showed that he also lost it both mathematically and chronologically. Clinton ACTUALLY compared his 8 YEARS as Commander-In-Chief and/or America's CHIEF PROTECTOR to President Bush's: "8 months"
(actually 7 months & 22 days) In Office,...prior to: "9/11".

Though, and in fairness to Clinton,...many politicians, committees and journalists have also apparently concluded similarly about : "9/11", in that there's absolutely no difference whatsoever between 8 YEARS or 8 months of COMMAND & Service to Country,...even though no doubt purposefully and/or Democrat Excusingly arrived at merely for justifying and validating that: "Equal Blame" ABSURDITY.

So then, I guess it's also fair saying that not all hypocritical fools must necessarily be in politics or in government? The Press/Media most certainly and quite obviously have their fair share (actually lion's share), also.

Sure, I know that many might think me being too overly harsh towards Old Bill and: "The Carpetbaggers" (what called long ago) and/or The Democrat Party,...while apparently favoring The Republicans and/or; "The Party of Lincoln". But, and what better describes and explains The Democrats and their largely supportive Democrat Press than: "An Amazing Clique Gall"?

Wouldn't additional words like: "Self/clique-serving/aggrandizing", "Morally Superior and NEVER to be denied or questioned" and; "Recapture The White House AT ANY COST and even during wartime",...have made the title/heading of this piece just-too-damn-long?

I certainly think so, and especially since MANY Americans already know such realities about DNC, most Democrat Leaders, Wannabes and Ex's (re. Carter & Clinton) are actually so, anyway.

The End