Columbinejad Nuts
by N.R. Filidei (9/22/07 - commentary)

Certainly can’t understand why all the odd uproar and outrage displayed over: “DEATH TO AMERICA,…but glad to be there” Mahmoud Almadinejad, just for being invited speaking at prestigious Columbia University?   Such nationally-suicidal lunacies have become about as common on The American Political Scene, journalism and academe, as apple pie.

Nowadays, many colleges in America would naively and/or childlike-foolishly welcome even Hitler Himself to speak about Peace & Prosperity, if he were still alive.   That too would be just-plain-stupid.  But, such sadly explains why the 80-85% figure of most all alluded to AUTOMATICALLY FAVORING ANYONE & EVERYTHING foreign to or anti-America prevails, and is daily accepted as politically-correct (an oxymoron).             

Sadder still, most such of Suspect Allegiance normally even display a strangely perverted sense of pride in daily and broad-brush painting EVERYTHING American & Allied AS DECADENT & BAD.    Whereas, same NUTS posing as intellectuals would have everyone believe that everyone else on earth (TERRORISTS inclusive), are just Good & Fine People whom have legitimate grievances, are just misunderstood, and have some asinine Right to glean or take home as much U.S. Taxpayer Funds as possible, and even take American Lives if need be.   Truly Amazing!!!

Even though obvious that SO MANY fanatically intransigent ideologues and/or deeply entrenched Leftist Loons exist in America, try not continue being deceived or duped by such perpetually purposeful phonies, for-a-change.   Know such will be difficult since SO MANY such are in high positions of power & control and voices of authority and teaching, and/or basically types whom people would normally tend believing.  

So then, and since can’t put ALL (and there are MANY) obvious anti-America leftist politicos and/or zealot nuts on polygraphs, better start using common sense and steer clear of peer/clique pressure (Party Bull also) when next voting.   Vote as if Your Lives depended on it.  YOUR LIVES ACTUALLY WILL & DO.

While at it, and since also unfortunately nowadays, similarly scrutinize the largely Democrat one-sided-favoring press/media, just as well.   If words seem or sound overly pro foreign nationals (enemies inclusive) and anti-America & Wartime Troop Undermining, Demoralizing & Treasonable,…SUCH ACTUALLY ARE! Don’t let Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather or even: “Her Worship Hillary” convince (actually politically deceive) or spin such any differently.   

Still, leave us not let the obvious Turncoats of: “The Halls of Ivy” off of that Despicable Enemy Encouraging & Helpfulness Hook, which unfortunately so many others in authority and of voice in America quite similarly, desperately and tenaciously hang onto.   Guess that daily, continually and incessantly bashing America is now considered intellectually gosh, proper or superior in schools???    Such too bad for MANY Students.

Yeah, that’s right and like it or not.   But, and quite unfortunate for all young and impressionable minds, not ALL Deans or Professors can or should be trusted & believed as if people of good character & honorable.

Many of such alluded to are, have been and will forever be more so intent (both subliminally & openly ) Indoctrinating Leftist Ideology or Brainwashing,…rather than will ever be at Teaching and Instilling Truths, Knowledge, Integrity, Honor, Forthrightness, Duty to Country and Patriotism to their students.   Columbia University is truly a Gem of an example of sanctimonious LEFTIST zealot experts at work or at twisting minds as clique DECREED, ORDERED or DEMANDED.

Besides, isn’t it even worse and more harmful to America when leftist zealots daily confuse: “Free Speech” with unarguably Treasonable Wartime Undermining Rhetoric ON CAMPUSES, rather than just in public?    Such scholarly duped youngsters denied even thinking for themselves.

Also, isn’t not teaching students honestly and as paid to do, bad enough?   Lordly Left Biased Hypocrites bogusly taking monies from parents under the guise that both Left & Right & All Views will be fairly discussed by their children, not much better either.  Such obvious school failings certainly don’t warrant the BIG bucks gleaned from parents, by the apparently One Party System of Governance preferring Columbia.   

Tons of parentally wasted monies aside, think me just too-damn-judgmental?   Well then, just ask those quite physically threatened & shouted-down Minutemen that were invited, for other honest opinions of how fairly (?) Columbia manages their supposed (?): “Free Speech” & open discourse   forums?     If not some Leftist Speaker or Nut,…VERY WISE bringing your very own Security Force.      

Cannot say for certain since not personally knowing or haven spoken to any patriotic & selfless Minutemen Volunteers, but still think they might concur with my quite realistic assessment?   Such being that Columbia University have disgracefully proved themselves as fair, equal & open-minded, as The University of Tehran.

Regarding U.S. Government, not sure?    Don’t know whether political leaders still label such American Citizen Protectors of America’s Mexican Border as: “Vigilantes”, instead of rightfully Patriots as such actually are.

WOW!!!   Talk about vindictively jealous fools in high office & hacks being disgruntled over what The Minutemen accomplished on their border area in only a few months, and what this actual Kakistocracy’s Ruling Elite COULD NOT (actually REFUSED TO) ACCOMPLISH in MANY DECADES.    

Whatever, and if it were up to me would say: “Screw America’s QUITE SICK & NATIONALLY-SUICIDAL and/or FOREIGN NATIONALS FAVORING OVER American Citizenry standard politics”,…and INSTEAD award all Minutemen the Highest Civilian Award possible.   After all, such awards are well deserved.

Giving The Minutemen a few bucks for expenses incurred (both personal & medical) for the sorely needed & difficult Service to Country on harsh southern terrain, couldn’t hurt either.   Don’t you think?

The End