"I'd rather Fight than Switch"
by N.R. Filidei (December 8, 2007 - commentary)

Remember that cigarette ad campaign with either a male or female with a black eye stating: “I’d Rather Fight than Switch”, regarding preferences, loyalties & allegiances?    

Well, and unfortunately, no such loyalty or allegiance exists towards BRITTANIA by many British Educators of the quite intransigent & pompously superior Leftist Bent Crowd.   Such current fools certainly prove that: “Stupid Is as Stupid Does” mindsets have no national boundaries whatsoever, and especially regarding timidly capitulating instead of bravely fighting to remain a sovereign nation.   

Guess that many such British Intellectuals(?) as alluded to still suffer that quite asinine Neville Chamberlain-like logic, as long ago stupidly attempted for dealing with that other tyrannical nut called: “Hitler”?    Though, today similarly countenancing a cowering caving-into DEMANDS by Avowed to Allah Mass-Murderers of Infidels worldwide, is infinitely MORE INSANELY NAIVE & NATIONALLY- SUICIDAL than ever was when trying to do same with Old Adolph.

Yeah, sure,...stop teaching British Students ACTUAL HISTORY about: “The Holocaust” & “The Crusades”   and everything will be just hunky-dory, and all Religions and all Muslim Sects on earth will all live together in harmony and/or: “Will Live Happily Ever After”.    No longer will Christians, Jews and all other religions of The World be deemed unworthy of very life itself by Muslim Mullahs, and/or be the most preferred and/or paramount: “Soft Targets of Opportunity” for Fanatical Islam.

Moronically believe any such Leftist Fairytales and I’ll easily sell such idiots both The Brooklyn Bridge & Disney Land,…AGAIN.

Get Real, all you: “Brit” policy-makers (plus other Free World Leaders)!!!   All current political, scholarly or intellectual ploys or absurdly  naïve’ Chamberlain-like echoings worldwide, are much more dangerous to all Free Peoples than any previous deceits, devious spying, sabotage, attacks, wartime undermining  & misinformation, as perpetrated against You & World by The Nazis of WWII.

Today, Islam is UNARGUABLY: “Much more dangerous”.    Age old (about a thousand years) innate Muslim Killers really mean business, and Mullahs will only duplicitously change their spots when cornered or negotiate when time needed for re-arming, re-supplying, better targeting of innocents, and to further confuse & lull into complacency the obviously already GREATLY Confused & Divided Western Political Leaders.   

Amazingly, many Free World Leaders, Journalists, Professors, Entertainers or notables actually believe this latest or 8th (were already 7 others) Islamic 100 Year Holy War Declared On West MANY TIMES OVER, should only take about a few years to diplomatically or peacefully resolve?   No fighting was/is warranted or needed. Yeah, sure, fools?    Dream on, dream on,…or just keep on idiotically playing into Islamic Enemy’s hands.

Ironically such sophomoric ignorance is even displayed by Professors of all people, in both historical realities and about current fanatical Muslim Enemy’s Unity, Tenacity & Resolve at perpetually perpetrating Evil Acts for obvious subjugation &  destruction of The West.   Would that all Free World Leaders were just as United in Resolve at killing Terrorists, as “They” obviously are avowed at KILLING US?

Regardless, and unfortunately as things now stand, that staying on: “Alert” and circling the wagons for the inevitable attack from Barbaric Islamo/Fascist Hostiles, not all that very reassuring.   For me, such only conjures-up that familial: “Dust to dust” scenario.

Might not be today?   Might not be tomorrow?   But, the generally wise consensus is not: “IF” Islam will strike another devastating blow (?),…but; “WHEN”? Hey,…those: “Non-existent WMDs” actually did and do exist, and more of such are secretly being manufactured each and every day. The big trick which few will publicly admit is finding & destroying such before too late, or before terrorist used on us all.

Yes, Folks.  As quite sensibly stated on many T-shirts worn by Patriotic Americans,…“FREEDOM IS NOT FREE”. Never was nor ever will be. Such is especially so nowadays and/or while under daily threat of attack by the most murderously avowed of all enemies that America & World have ever faced.  

In the above realistic context, NEVER let the many duplicitous Leftist politicians, journalists, entertainers, professors and other myopic zealots differently convince you to drop your guard against Fanatical Islam. None such alluded to Ever Kept Anyone Alive,…and Quite the Opposite is historically true of such ilk.

Granted and in fairness, even in Britain not all Muslims can be broad-brush depicted as their Bad & Evil Killer Cousins and/or armies of avowed mass-murderers of: “Infidels” worldwide.   Most are no doubt Good Muslims instead. But, and in the whole grand scheme of things,…SO WHAT? “Fence-sitters” never help.

Plus and unfortunately for all Free Nations similarly having large Muslim Communities, Fatwahs and/or Sentences of Death decreed upon Muslims not supportive of Fanatical Killer Islam, pretty-much negates any open or public support for The Democracies from so-called: “Moderate Muslims”.   Covertly,…eh maybe?  Still, not very likely. 

Regardless, European Leaders would be well advised to stop mimicking America’s absurd or quite asinine political-correctness (epitome of an oxymoron), since now stupidly displaying: “Tolerance”, “Sensitivity” & U.S. Taxpayer Monies to even foreign nationals hell-bent on killing & destroying us, is unarguably stupid.   Instead apolitically Fight for Survival,…and just Live. Or, just keep believing & believing in Leftist Wartime Undermining Turncoats,…and quite obviously just Die.

It gets no more honest, forthright, candid, practical and sensible than that. Sorry, folks

The End