8 American Flags Ploy
by N.R. Filidei (9/26/06 - commentary)

Granted, on surface using 8 American Flags as a podium background was truly quite impressive, to say the very least. Love that flag and would die for it, if need be.

However, Turncoat Muslim for political climbing and expediency Barack Hussein Obama Junior's basic political ploy didn't fool me (no doubt many others either) for-a-second. Hell, one can line up even a hundred U.S. Flags in a row and such will never in a million years change or turn what's obviously and most always self/clique-serving/excusing Leftist Political Bull,...into: "Gospel".

Nor, can such nice multiple displays of American Flags excuse the inexcusable and/or despicable rhetoric & antics of Barack's longtime friends, confidants and moral(?) or political(?) advisors.

Though, isn't/wasn't it overall intelligent insulting for Obama to waste so much of our time by attempting to excuse his perpetually America undermining buddies Farakant & Wright? Could understand defending his similarly versed/minded wife for the sake of marital bliss. But, guess he forgot about some honesty slipping out of her mouth, with that: "First time proud of America" admission? More likely than not, just wanted people to forget about his wife's despicable statement.

Sure, many will no doubt actually believe everything he conciliatorily stated in the quite lengthy and well delivered (as usual) speech, even though continually excusing quite obvious Black Racists of his liking. Such was actually quite stupid since definitely unwarranted and so-damn-obvious.

Hey,...if zealots perpetually act like a racists, strut like a racists and daily pontificate like a racists,...such unarguably must be racists. Yes, and let's be honest here folks. Many Blacks & Browns in America are also racists. The only difference being that White Racists are ostrosized and criminalized, whereas Black & Brown Racists quite differently are merely: "Displaying great racial & ethnic pride, and what America is all about" Go figure?

Regardless, and which color racists are deemed better or worst in America aside, I believe Barack blew his cover or showed true priorities in other ways also. One such way being that never before heard the racially preferential expression: "Black Community" or; "African-American Community" used SO MANY TIMES in one single speech. SUPPOSEDLY vying for The Presidency and being Wartime Commander-In-Chief over ALL Americans (The White Community inclusive), seemed secondary.

Sorry about that. Should know better. Stating: "White Community" in America is a most definite NO-NO since very insensitive, intollerant, racist and bigotted of me. Such almost as bad as if proposing a White Caucus or White Fraternal Organization. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa, and may I be flogged mercilessly for having such despibably ethnic European Pride thoughts.

Whatever, the second way found Barack Obama blowing it and not being very honest or forthright, was while making a normalcy comparison of Black & White Churches

Yeah, sure. It's quite normal for parishioners hearing anti-America preachings and: "God Damn America" in White Mormon, Christian & Jewish churches or temples. GET REAL (a little honest also)!

Also, believe that White Christian Reverends or Jewish Rabbis would typically & stupidly make religious pilgrimages to Libya and Mohamar Kadafi similarly as Barack's tight buddies Farakant & Wright did,...and I'll easily sell such gullibly duped Democrat fools The Panama Canal Zone,...AGAIN.

So: "Pilgrims", vote sensibly and wisely in 2008 and SURVIVE.
Don't,...and eh

The End