by N.R. Filidei (November 10, 2006 - commentary)

WOW!!! & whoop-whoopee-do! FINALLY!!! Our bi-annual time wasting political carnival is over and ONCE AGAIN & UNFORTUNATELY for America, leaders of the: "Democrats/Socialists/Leftists posing as Liberals" have recaptured Control of The U.S. Congress, America's Policies and over All The American People.

Such has been This Country's norm for about 50 of the last 60 years or so years,...and no wonder why no world conflicts have ever been permitted being resolved FAVORABLY for America, for about the last 60 years and/or since End of World War II.

Thus, it should surprise no one that just as in the past, most all Democrats, like-minded United Nations types, War Protesters, and even Middle Eastern career-deceivers/zealots, will all in concert no doubt either be jovially singing: "Happy Days Are Here Again" or naively in unison chanting: "We'll now forever live happily ever after".

Well,...good for "Them", and tough luck for rest of the largely, basically and gullible believing general public, and why We should address the quite serious POLITICAL DICTATES that hinder and have obstructed The U.S. Military,...and for quite some time. Plus, with new Leftist Committee Heads taking over command (in every detail) of The Military, it's even much more important addressing such NOW. Truly feel sorry for The Guys & Gals, and even their Generals & Admirals stuck with just another SATISFYING EVERYONE (even avowed fanatical enemies): "Mission Impossible".

For those unaware, I emphasized: "POLITICAL DICTATES" since civilians totally un-knowledgable about warfare POLITICAL WARLORDS (re. Administrations & Congresses) are and have longtime been The ACTUAL Commanders of The United States Military,...and micro-manage them IN EVERY DETAIL (missions, objectives, tactics, etc.), while even amazingly saddling them with ALWAYS ENEMY HELPFUL & ENCOURAGING restrictions and constraints. Go figure?

Admirals & Generals haven't ACTUALLY COMMANDED The U.S. military since WWII,...and just like rest us do as politically ordered or politically dictated. Only differences that I see between Admirals & Generals and We Civilians, are that "THEY" can be shot for disobeying Direct Political Orders & Directives,...whereas We Civilians might merely be jailed for doing similar during wartime. Wish captured terrorist mass-murdering scum were treated as harshly as Americans (both civilian & military) not toeing-the-line.

Whatever, hang-tough,...Oh Brave Ones. Maybe your Political Commanders, Political Policy Makers and basically Your Political Warlords will eventually come to their senses, and thus realize that the COCKAMAMIE (since ALWAYS ENEMY HELPFUL): "Rules of Engagement" forced upon you, are just-plain-stupid and/or
quite lethally self-defeating? Politicians NEVER resolve ANY worldly conflicts.

So foolishly restricting you, making your dangerous job much more dangerous than should ever need be, and also never permitting The U.S. Military achieving Total Victory against an enemy (and for quite some time),...not very bright of career-politicians perpetually directing and commanding Politically-Correct or never OFFENDING ANYONE Warfares, either.

Regardless, and given such cavalier & pompous stupidities dictated indulging, guess you'll just have to suck-it-up and rely on the quips and great sense of humor that America's Brave & Courageous Combat Troops have always been noted for,...even under the worst conditions and adversities imaginable?

Used to be one of you guys: "MANY MOONS AGO", so my salute and a heartfelt: "GarryOwen" to You One & All For Your Service for us one and all,...except Marines of course (just jokin - age old unit rivalry thing).

Still, and back on track about quips and sense of humor typically displayed amongst Combat Troops, and even Marines (tee-hee). Can't know for sure since not there. But, must believe some likes of the following have already been expressed in either Afghanistan or Iraq?

"Do 'The Suits' or our political leaders actually consider Arab or Islamic Lives more important than OUR LIVES"? "Sure-as-hell seems so". "Worry more about THEM than US (both ways)".

"Since The MAIN & PRIMARY TARGETS of The Islamic Enemy are and have always been: 'Defenseless men, women and children (babies also) Infidels' and/or GREAT: 'Collateral Damage',....why-in-the-hell are America's Politicians ONLY CONCERNED ABOUT OUR quite rare civilian accidents, INSTEAD"? "Just whose side are those politicians on, anyway"?

I know Fellas (Gals also). Speaking about such stark realities is depressing, to say the least. So let's end on the lighter side of what one might likely hear from Such Brave & Selfless Warriors, such as yourselves.

"Fellas,...doesn't all this daily political nonsense and islamic nonsense make you truly wonder"?

"Just the other day I was wondering whether most American Political Leaders and/or Our REAL Bosses are just-plain-bipartisanly-nuts,...OR WHAT"? "There has to be some sane explanation"? "Aren't The Terrorist Insugents supposed to be THE BAD GUYS"?

Also Bro's,...any of you ever wonder just-what-the-hell do those Islamettes or Islam's FEMALE variety of clandestine mass-killers/assassins/murderers STUPIDLY believe they'll be rewarded, when we similarly also dispatch them to their: 'FOOLS PARADISE' "?

"What good are: '72 Virgins' to such Female Islamic Sickos, anyway"?
"They can't ALL be Butch Lesbians"? "Can they, Sarge"?

The End