"It Ain't Necessarily So"
by N.R. Filidei (December 25, 2007 - commentary)

Unless newborn or lifelong having hermit-like lived in a cave or secluded cabin somewhere in America’s vast forests and if honest, all the following absurd realities should be readily admitted.    As longtime touted about America being: “The Land of Freedom, Liberty & Equality FOR ALL”, the title of that old song: “It Ain’t Necessarily So” says it best, and with a special emphasis on that: “Equality” bit.

It’s just not so that The U.S. Government and/or political rulers don’t Biased & Preferentially Pander to ALL in America ALIKE.  It’s also not so with Equal Representation.  Apparently only the well being of Officialdom & Political System and beholding to them Public Sector, Minorities & Foreign Nationals (here legally or otherwise) are of paramount concern for America’s law, regulation & policy makers and/or career-Ruling Elite.

Oddly enough, it doesn’t seem mattering to most that quite large segments of population are treated Much   More Equally orPreferentially than others?   Guess that the vast majority excluded are basically: “Good Sports” about such, since nary any disgusted outrage heard?   Well,...at least in public anyway.

In fact, and as to racial, ethnic, sexual and even more absurdly atheist minorities in this: “One Nation underGod”, there have longtime been instituted many obvious anti-majority: “Double Standards”. Re-indoctrination or “Sensitivity Classes” are mandated (some believe: “Dictated”) by Big Brother mostly upon non-minority non-conformists, by The Politically-Correct (actually an oxymoron): “Thought & Word Police Crowd”. “SHADES of CAMBODIA & VIETNAM”(!),…”Pilgrims”.

Another bias found quite distressing, disturbing & questionable by many White or ethnic European U.S. Taxpayers (San Franciscans excluded) is how come we too do not have Exclusive & Exclusionary Double Representation Caucuses, such as Blacks, Hispanics and other minorities DO?   Are all Black, Hispanic & other colors of Americans just that much more worthy than White Americans? Sure-as-hell seems so to this White American Outsider not privy to such governmentally orchestrated, encouraged & sanctioned of preferentialities.

Thus, and given that even Criminally Illegal Alien Minorities are obviously better represented & politically concerned about more so than We White Citizens, it makes me wonder if: “We The (White Schnooks)” are actually being Represented AT ALL?  Also, is Double Representation for only The Select or Preferred even: “FAIR”? Is such a blatantly outrageous bias, even LEGAL?

However, and quite obvious Official Biases favoring dark hued Americans (foreign nationals also) aside, there’s  that politically purposeful perversion or double standard over what actually constitutes Free Speech here in America to contend with, ALSO. It has been longtime expected that the historically Minority Republicans, Conservatives & Independents must walk on egg shells and/or publicly speak with guarded words,…whilst their Democrat Betters can pretty-much unconscionably propagate all the vilest hatred and most despicably hurtful of character assassinations imaginable, and never be chastised for such from ANYONE, and absurdly in the name of: “Free Speech”.

Basically, and in general, The Extreme Leftist Bent and/or: “Democrat/Socialist/Leftist political leaders  posing as Liberals” and their supportive minions or hacks in journalism, academe, entertainment and other zealot-like entities can publicly state whatever liked, and even Treasonable Wartime Undermining  LIES.

Many of such turncoats alluded to (last (2) ex-Democrat Presidents inclusive) actually have often called and still call Our Wartime Commander-In-Chief G.W. Bush: “A LIAR”, “Untrustworthy” and worse, to The American People, Our Allies & World,.   Slice, dice, pervert or twist it anyway liked, but even under the guise of War Protesting such constant daily enemy gratifying satisfactions & encouragements...  are UNARGUABLY TREASONABLE. 

Besides, all sane people know full-well that such daily Leftist enemy encouragements and helpfulness are MUCH GRAVER & WORSE for America than merely: “Hollering FIRE in a crowded theater” or; “Incitement to Riot” will ever be.   Wonder what: “The Supremes” or Constitutional Interpreters would say about Leftists’ daily: “Trashing America” to The World (enemies inclusive also)?

Sure, about half of those Politically Appointed Judges are Exceptionally Naive Left Wing types.   But,…so what?   Let even judges openly show their TRUE Colors & TRUE Allegiances to The American People.  

Still, it is truly sad & unfortunate that Americans are forced remaining perpetually divided by deviant leftist politics, journalism, entertainment & academe, instead of being more conservatively or  sanely & sensibly countenanced to Unite & Defeat the most murderously fanatical enemy that America & Free World have ever faced? Hey,…”I Can Dream, Can’t I”?  

Also, wouldn’t it be much better if America’s largest minority and/or The Electorate started thinking independently for-a-change, and NOT typically as ideologically expected voting?    Would suggest that in 2008 all differently vote as if very: “Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness” and retention of National Sovereignty & Winning of War on Terrorism actually depended on it. All such actually do.                                            

Stupidly vote as clique decreed and elect either Democrat: “Recapture The White House” At Any Cost to America types like Hillary Rodham C. or Barak Hussein O. & Watch Out,…& BIG TIME to-boot!!!

Besides, Our Brave & Courageous Troops most certainly deserve much better than such deviously phony: “We Support The Troops too” (Yeah, sure, & just like Nancy Pelosi & Gang do?) type DEMOCRATS at the helm. “Fir-sheur”, “fir-sheur”,…and even if not California: “Valley Girls” or Golden Gate “Girly Boys”.

The End