Political or Official Mobsters
by N.R. Filidei (10/24/06 - commentary)

If not deaf, dumb and blind and/or totally oblivious to past, current and daily realities and events, some truly sad organizational similarities must be acknowledged. Naturally, one must be honest and not: "Connected" or thriving better than most from either politics or crime in any way, shape or form,...to readily admit that such similarities actually exist.

After all, and whether career-politicians or career-criminals, none such ever relish or like being exposed. Quite understandable.

Whatever, and in fairness, there are vast differences between most Political Leaders, their appointees and agendas, and the daily enterprises of Criminal Leaders/Bosses and minions. Still, let's basically concern ourselves with the obvious similarities, since there lay many of America's current and future GREAT PROBLEMS. Some such actually quite lethal or deadly, and not just of a financial nature (the typical gripe).

The first and most obvious similarity being that both entity's leaders and high ranking subordinates all take serious sworn oaths for fulfilling their obligations.

However, and the differences experienced are that politicians might merely just loose their jobs if exposed (?) and if prosecuted (?) for deviating from their oaths taken to The American People. Whereas, Mafia Heads, Captains and even Soldiers will most assuredly loose their lives, if not doing as promised by their blood oaths.

But, SO WHAT (?) any perpetual: "Mark" and/or many of; "We The (Schnooks)" could easily say. Or also, We don't hire (albeit elect) Organized Crime Figures as PUBLIC SERVANTS (quite some joke) to both Serve & Represent The American Citizenry SOLELY (another joke).

Then too, there's that great (actually sick) similarity of how important and grandiose financial matters with The People's Monies are usually addressed and resolved QUITE SECRETIVELY behind closed doors and in closed sessions, by committees,...both statewide and nationally. Such secretive financial matters are quite typical Mob Practices, ALSO.

Though, and in fairness to our political policy making lords of The U.S. Congress and State Congresses, some such secretive meetings are no doubt required for National Security & Defense, and especially during wartime.

However, MANY SUCH MEETINGS DO NOT WARRANT SECRECY and pretty-much like The Mob are solely conducted so clandestinely for determining BETTER & MORE efficient and MORE effective ways of gleaning (some say: "Bilking" or "Ripping-off") MORE monies from a quite gullible, obedient and overall coweringly in awe of Officialdom general public.

The quite obvious similarity of cliques acquiring as much funds or: "Coinage of The Realm" from people: "As The Traffic Will Bare" and/or without eliciting absolute outrage or revolting disgust aside,...also think about the following for awhile.

In general it MUST BE ASKED: Just whom can The People actually trust, believe and count upon in America, these days? Can people perpetually displaying their main and uppermost concern for attaining or retaining: "Power & Control" OVER ALL be trusted and believed?

Can people enamored with lordly positions for selves, families and cliques ABOVE ALL ELSE & ALL OTHERS be counted upon to: "Deliver as promised", as spouted during their campaign bull type or usually cross-fingered and forked-tongue speeches, such as normally delivered to a naively believing public?

I most certainly cannot believe that such can ever be trusted,...since a longtime resident of Democrat Lordly Run and/or: "Still Colonial New Jersey", which should explain my disgust with politics in general and usually feeling like a sheep perpetually at the ready for shearing at masters' whims,...than most anything else.

Plus and in fairness, I would never expect any mobsters having the gall saying: "It's The Will of The People", while ripping-me & mine-off. Believe that mobsters differently have too much class to be so-damn-duplicitous, arrogant and intelligence insulting with their charges and/or: "We The ('Marks')".

Sure, all aforementioned not very nice, reverent or even: "FAIR" and/or politically-correct comparisons to make. But, and as already explained, being a longtime dictated New Jersey Resident should automatically excuse me or any other Jerseyans.

Besides, I always just: "Calls 'em as I sees 'em" anyway.
Also, if can't be totally honest to yourself, friends, neighbors and all other fellow politically victimized patriots,...what point is there to even being honest at all? Hey,...I'm no politician. I'm: "TOTALLY Honest Neil".

The End