Mullahs or P-C fanatics MOST DEADLY??
by N.R. Filidei (12/19/06 - commentary)

First-off and foremost, no intent meant whatsoever insulting or demeaning any TRULY RIGHTEOUS People of The Cloth, in any way shape or form. Just lumped Holy Men together with despicably fanatical ideologues and/or The Nationally-suicidal and Wartime Undermining Politically-Correct Advocates/Crowd of the title,...merely to get your attention and the driving home of a quite valid point here.

Also, and even by wildest stretch, no one should think or accuse even the worst of mullahs (even religions have many bad apples) of being stupidly nationally-suicidal, merely for express purpose of their sect having total control over all other sects. Whereas, MANY of America's Politically-Correct Leaders/Secularists continually do just that.

Don't believe me? Then, just wake-up and praise God or Allah for still being alive during wartime (if one of lucky ones), smell the coffee, remember or study some history, or just open eyes, ears and minds and just look around you.

Then too, isn't it quite obvious that no one ever forced so many American Intellectuals of academe, in government and press/media to instead turn their careers into perpetually propagating political divisiveness, duplicity and deceit,...rather than choosing working for Good, Uniting People and Worthwhile Service to Community and Society in general, anyway? Forever politically-pitting one American against the other so ONLY "Their" ideology can Rule & Reign Supreme,...not very nice way of Governing (much less SERVING) People, either.

And besides, whom-in-the-hell gave many of America's Ruling Elite or Societal Engineers or so-called: "Representatives(?)", "Professors(?)", "Journalists(?)" and/or astute; "Political Scientists(?)" (One-hell-of-an-oxymoron.),...the right to try turning: "The Land of The Free and Home of The Brave" into their obviously and quite asininely preferred self-defeating variation?

The no doubt American Leftist belief or QUOTE (quoting myself) MUST BE: "The Land of The Cowered by Rule and Home of those whom would Negotiate With and Capitulate To even avowed mass-murdering scum,...Rather Than Fight". Such a sicko belief doesn't sound good or right even jokingly. Nor, does such even have a nice ring to it, such as the real variation.

Still, and scoff or mock un-equivocating honesty and both historic and current realities, or even the old radio truism of: "Who knows what evil lurks in the minds of men (women also & especially duplicitous Politicarettes)", if you like. It's your perogative. America still A Free Country. Hey,...just ask any foreign national having sneaked in here. Both he (or she) and ACLU will no doubt set you straight about how truly free America actually is, for some.

But, and unless living in a cave somewhere incommunicado, it should be realized that the aforementioned pretty-much describes America's fanatical variation of people controllers and manipulative ideologues and/or: "Democrats/Socialists/Leftists posing as Liberals", a T.

Such truly sad for All Americans and especially The U.S. Military on the forefront, since Democrats have: "Recaptured" The U.S. Congress and will be In Charge of all Important Committees. Hope The Nuts don't similarly decimate and demoralize The U.S. Military and entire Intelligence Community, as did Bill Clinton and his Politically-Correct (another beauty of an oxymoron) Crowd once did?

Plus, Democrats proudly calling such a downsizing as: "Cutting 250,000 Government Jobs" would be just as obviously politically phony, deceiving and duplicitous in 2007, were During The Clinton Years. Hey Bill,..."Can't fool ALL The People ALL The Time". Well, least according to Old Abe Lincoln, anyway? Still, You did do a very good job fooling most.

Granted, nowadays wild-eyed fanatical, non-stop ranting and refusing to answer even ONE simple question exposing TRUE intent of the typical Democrat Hierarchy (as normally seen on nationwide TV), still apparently have much more pressing or urgent issues to deal with...rather than Saving & Avenging American Lives, National Security, National Sovereignty and Defeating our absolutely unconscionable and mass-murdering enemies. But, SO WHAT?

Don't believe that their exceptionally people-dividing and character-assassinating of all opposing brand of politics (the longtime Democrat norm), Political Science and Political-Correctness (This oxymoron even nationally-suicidal & quite lethally stupid, also.),...should dictate America FOREVER.

Whatever, and as apolitical and/or as quite differently honest as anyone can ever state anything,...The Good Old US of A better get its act together, and SOON. Just because terrorists haven't pulled-off another: "9/11" here YET, certainly no reason for not studying The Statutes on Treason regarding some of America's Wartime Undermining & Obstructionist Political Leaders, subordinates and cronies.

After all, many Americans are actually more helpful to Terrorists & Terrorism than Chamberlain and his types were for Adolph Hitler. Such being quite obvious since Old Neville and naive fools failed from the very start. Whereas America's Leftists have encouraged the enemy for years, and with no end to such a despicable terrorism helpfulness in sight. Truly A National Shame.

Also, only fools could HONESTLY believe that what Party Controls, Dominates & Rules all We Americans: "From cradle to the grave" are a much more important issue or matter of concern,...rather than Life & Death National Survival issues, INSTEAD. Basically stated, Dead Men have no Civil Rights, FOOLS. Think about it.

But then,...and what-the-hell do I know? I'm not, nor have ever been an all-knowing or lettered Political Scientist, innately duplicitous and/or Politically-Correct politician, amateur Civilian Warlord, or even a political hack, beholder or duped student or follower of such a perpetual people-dividing cult of nonsense (now a quite deadly cult also). Think about that, too.

The End (Hopefully not.)