NEVER ASKED Key Question
by N.R. Filidei (2/12/07 - commentary)

Given the reality that the stakes are MUCH GREATER & HIGHER regarding whom becomes America's next Wartime Commander-In-Chief and what political ideology can best protect Us All from annihilation (or not),...shouldn't The Press/Media in general be asking one sorely needed and never asked sensible question of all such wannabees, their supporters and respective parties?

Believe such reasonable, sensible and quite appropriate asking of political leaders, since now under merciless attack, threat and at war with Murderous Islam and/or Millions of Fanatical Muslims having avowed destroying US (both ways) ALL.

Then too, and since a multitude of comparative trivia or inconsequential questions (re. what best course for society or best Party for governance and such) are daily asked of those seeking Highest Office of The Land,...why not additionally pose The One Paramount & Key Question that TRULY NEEDS ASKING on behalf of America and All We Americans, ALSO.

Hey,...don't All We Americans desperately: "Need to Know" which political leaders can best help us fair well and survive against despicable terrorism? Must only politicians and political journalists and/or Political Scientists be privy to such life & death information?

Whatever, The One Paramount & Key Question should be:
If elected as the new Wartime Commander-In-Chief, what BETTER WAYS will YOU order or command be done for BETTER INSURING Our continued Sovereignty, Safety & Survival against the most hostile and fanatically mass-murdering Islamic Enemies, that America has ever been confronted by and been attacked by in history?

Though, and just out of curiosity, why-the-hell-is-it that no political reporters or interviewers (once called: "Guardians of The Public") never ask what obviously paramount and most important overall and currently for: "We The People"? Guess that nowadays such public: "Guardians" in general much prefer safeguarding their own specific bents and/or political ideologues,...rather than just worrying about the rest of: "We The (Schnooks)"?

Still, and regardless that obviously despicable politics in general are of infinitely more importance and concern to press/media and many political leaders than America's very survival, I believe that We most likely: "Soft Targets of Opportunity" (ala: "9/11" and abroad also) DESERVE SOME ANSWERS to The Question,...before VOTING FOR ANYONE. SameO - sameO and/or the daily non-stop & never ending political diversions & people-dividing encouraged by our current journalistic status-quo,...JUST WILL NOT DO. Besides, only our enemies can TRULY appreciate such, anyway?

The only problems foreseen are getting any straight answers to such an important question from staunch or devout Leftists. Also, and if answers given exactly as wanted hearing (the politically pandering norm of such),...can one actually believe what comes out of mouths of typically foreign nationals (enemies inclusive)-favoring over Americans, Leftists?

Basically, such power & control freaks will tell public whatever they want to hear, for getting a vote. Advance Men usually provide what lies need be told or which side of mouth to speak from,...for whichever area of country visited requires.

Regardless, don't those overly-obsessed with politics such as career-zealots, political leaders and political journalists and/or Political Scientists (whether Right Wing Leno & Miller or Leftist Letterman & Maher BENT) realize that THEY TOO can be slaughtered and annihilated, ALSO? Hey,...even Infidel Fools or Clowns can similarly be beheaded at whim if Islam ever prevails over Democracy.
Wise-up,...all you FOOLS or CLOWNS.

The End