by N.R. Filidei (1/2/07 - commentary)

Since not an inate political panderer so hard-up for votes from even perverts, deviants or devils, politically brainwashed, or similarly duped drooling idiot or moron deceived by such zealots,...I see things somewhat differently than most. Therefore I never saw any merit or worthiness whatsover to all the hullabaloo and/or longtime controversy over the obsession with: "Separation of Church & State".

America never had A State Church and State Religion, and will never have such.

Such no doubt what was obviously and exactly decreed by the only one sentence of our quite lengthy Constitution, as penned by Our Forefathers way-back-when. Nothing else was intended, meant or needs interpreting of The Sentence.

Was written in nice, neat and legible English Script and not Spanish,...nor in any other foreign tongue.

Plus, no one should even doubt for a second that the only reason The Sentence was even included in The U.S. Constitution, was solely to insure that newly established America NOT HAVE A State Religion as did The Defeated British and their quite religiously dominant and preferential Church of England. Nothing more, nothing less.

Here in America all legitimate religions are accepted and practiced openly and freely. Plus, even some far-out or truly strange and weird (animal sacrificing & drug induced) religions are permitted.

Besides, isn't it truly quite absurd of The Oxymoronic Politically-Correct Leftists and/or The Secular Progressive Crowd to deny The Name of God in public buildings and public places,...and here in America of all places??? Would normally only expect such in the likes of The Old Soviet Union or other such places ruled by godless and omnipotently dictatorial ruling elite.

Also, and let us not forget for a minute that The United States Congress start off their Sessions with A Prayer to God, and have done so every year since that political body's very inception.

Then too, and since: "ONE NATION UNDER GOD" and similar have been etched in stone, granite and marble or predominantly displayed on or in MANY THOUSANDS of Public Buildings, Monuments, Statues, Institutions, Organizations, and even in Private Homes,...what right do any such godless hypocrite fools have denying God to or from an overall Religious People (actually so from very onset),...no matter where We might go, work or visit in America?

There's absolutely and unarguably nothing whatsoever wrong with The American People seeing: "ONE NATION UNDER GOD" or words to that effect in or on Court Houses, Municipal Buildings, Schools, Offices & Workplaces (both public & private), or even at Gas Stations or Seven Elevens for that matter.

If any TRULY (quite hard believing) find the word: "God" offensive,...then just don't look at "It". Sure, YOU'LL eventually and quite likely be struck down by lightning or whatever, and go directly to hell for being so-damn-irreverently-asinine & stupid. But, so what? Obviously, most people usually get what deserved anyway.

Additionally, and even though known Quite Forgiving of even Crucifiers,...you perpetual God insulting fools can't possibly expect The Almighty One to keep: "Turning the other cheek" FOREVER? Just not very likely or sensible believing, nor even sane expecting.

Whatever, don't deny God to me, mine and all other Americans ANYWHERE in America,...FOOLS. Such TRULY IS OFFENSIVE, and also quite stupid to-boot.

SameO-sameO for all YOUR similarly feeble-minded demands about hiding The Ten Commandments from Public View. Such is also truly quite stupid of YOU since these 10 decrees from God are actually from what most Laws & Justice on earth are derived from. Insisting removal of such from Court Houses goes even beyond being idiotic.

Seriously,...YOU SICKO TROUBLE CAUSING YOKELS should Get A Life.
Preferably elsewhere such as North Korea,...or any other quite like-minded and/or stupidly anti-God & Goodness place.

Besides, YOU no doubt will feel infinitely and devinely more at home in any such godless places,...as wisely suggested.
Hey, Fools. Just thank me later,...if permitted?

The End