Asinine political-correctness OR survival ??
by N.R. Filidei (10/10/06 - commentary)

Since obvious to most sane Americans that: "Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness" (with emphasis on: "Life" part) are much preferred over quite self/national-defeating political-correctness (quite an oxymoron) now prevailing, come so many political leaders and policy makers refuse acknowledging such? Are "They" that blinded by political ambitions and hungry for power and control,...and AT ANY COST to America?

Surely seems so, even if only believing half of what daily witnessed on nationwide radio, television or in print.

In fact, it's quite some rarity nowadays for a day to go by where national political under-mining doesn't occur solely for: "Recapturing The White House". Nor, do such daily under-minings apparently matter to most Democrat Leaders and wannabees, even though fully aware that WAR HAS BEEN DECLARED on US (both ways) and The World, by avowed and mass-murdering Islamic Terrorists.

Believe Islam had Seven 100 Year Holy Wars against all Infidels, already? Thus, guess it fair saying that this latest Declaration of A Holy War against all Infidels, must be their Eight?

Regardless, one can't help but noticing (since so obvious) that MANY and/or the multitude of supportive and quite echoing leftists listed below,...also aren't dealing-with-full-decks (both ways) regarding America and avowed killers of American Infidels.

MANY of The Mainstream Press/Media

MANY of: "The Hollywood Crowd"

MANY of: "The Beltway Crowd (foreign lobbyists inclusive)"

MANY of The career-War (or whatever) Protester Crowd

MANY of the pro and demanding of most everything alien and
foreign to America ACLU Zealot Lawyer Crowd

PLUS , a few billionaires here and there to finance much of such
despicably enemy helpful and wartime under-mining (many believe such treasonable),...helps out quite $ub$tantially.

Whatever, and even though quite sad and unfortunate for We Americans, one also can't help but noticing how similarly pompous, self-righteous and overall self/clique-serving most all alluded to are,...and pretty-much propagate like many of our enemies within the quite impotently blustering United Nations do. Only way can differentiate between America's or UN Leftists or Obstructionists, are either by language or accents.

So then, and if HONEST and not yet duped or brainwashed by the longtime, daily and concerted efforts of America's: " Democrats/Socialists/Leftists posing as Liberals" and their ends, there are some key and very important questions that all apolitical or not politically affiliated and/or the vast majority of Americans should ask themselves before voting this time,...or when voting anytime for that matter.

Yeah,...that's right.

Why must all national sovereignties and nationals on earth be forever respected and pandered to (enemy terrorists & foreign criminals inclusive),...EXCEPT The American Sovereignty & The American Citizenry?

Why must all nations on earth have Safe, Sovereign & Secure Borders,...EXCEPT America?

Why must America perpetually have WIDE OPEN BORDERS ala Hong-Kong?

Why must The American Taxpayer always be The Chump or World's Welfare State (and especially for Mexico) indefinitely,...and/or: "Until The Cow Jumps Over The Moon"?

Aren't such questions reasonable enough asking before voting?
Hey,...wealthy and not not necessary voting your pocket book?
Well, at least vote for survival since the rest of we struggling peasants will most certainly appreciate such immensely.

After all, and whether rich, middle-class, poor, conservative, nationalist or even fanatical leftist American,...We All in same boat under attack.

The End