Pompous Ethnic & Race Zealots
by N.R. Filidei (2/15/07 - commentary)

Like it or not, but for quite some time it has been obvious that ethnicity, race “Tolerance” & “Diversity” have become overall quite biased & preferentially misused by The American Body Politic (from top to bottom), and by most all other ideologues and/or societal zealots.  The Female Gender Card or Tactic is also used for   great political advantage..  Unfortunately, White Males can never use their gender similarly.       

In fact, woe to any White Male Americans of European descent or ancestry stating publicly that intend voting for anyone merely since of same gender, background & color.   Don’t even think of having A White Caucus, White Voting Block, White College Fund, or even a solely White Law Enforcement PBA.   The uproar & outrage displayed by Black & Brown Cliques & PBAs would no doubt be deafening.

Usually, any White Males not caving-into dark hued demands (the norm) and as big brother decreed, will no doubt be publicly ridiculed, character assassinated and/or mercilessly chastised by a multitude of selectively biased organizations & press/media.  Quite vile & vindictive words or phrases like: “Radical Right Wing Racist”, “Race Supremacist”,  “Nazi”, “Male Chauvinist Pig”, “Liar” “Intolerant” & “Bigoted Homophobe” will typically & concertedly be used (even though totally false), by the minions of Societal Supremacists.  

WHEREAS,…in any locales and on any Election Days about 85% of Black Americans typically voting for any Black or Brown over any White candidates, produces nary-a-whimper.     Such a Political Double Standard is deemed perfectly acceptable & A-OK by the powers that be, even though Whites voting so similarly & unarguably racist will differently experience a quite merciless Minority Instigated Public Inquisition & Pillaring, INSTEAD.   Why is that?

Get Real, fools or fearful of offending any color or race on earth (Islamic Killers inclusive & White American Males excluded) jerks.   Also,…why so many daily perversions of the word: “EQUALITY” merely so Black or Brown Minorities (here legally or otherwise) can better have their way in America?  Is Common Sense &   Majority Rule no longer applicable for:  “We The (White Schnooks)”?   Sure-as-hell seems so.

Still, and it quite obvious that White Males must speak quite guardedly in USA if not wishing to suffer repercussions & ostracizing aside, what good can ever come from people solely voting gender-wise, ethnically or racially (clique-wise also) during wartime,…FOR AMERICA?!?

Seriously believe Hillary Rodham C. is the very best Commander-In-Chief choice available?   Also truly believe that Barack Hussein O. can best save us all from Fanatical Killer Islam?   GET REAL (again), fools!   Voting for those whom America’s enemies would obviously much prefer confronting, is even more stupid than voting gender or color-wise.   

Stupidly voting and also obvious that despicable racism not solely a white sickness and quite common to all races aside, let’s make it a point before voting to question, question, question and then even question more about wannabe or would be leaders (Black, Brown, White, Male or Female) in 2008, if intent surviving?

Also, what good can ever come from voting for those quite suspect of doing Their Very Best Possible for ALL Americans &U.S. Militaryand/or SOLE GUARANTORS of our: “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” (voting privilegealso)?    No career-ruling elite or politicians of whatever gender or color on earth will, nor can ever guarantee such.

Oh, and by the way and if not yet realized, here’s a little more pertinent info about racism normally kept-under-the-rug.   Here, be quite differently & honestly advised about the dirty-little-secret or that very worst scum of The Slave Trade once common worldwide, were actually The Ancestral Black Africans themselves.

Were The Africans whom actually rounded-up, chained & sold many of their landsmen (women also) to European & Arab Muslim Slave Traders, just as if a bushel of wheat, maize, manioc or whatever.   Ironically, some such Black Traders in The Misery Business exist in Africa to this very day.

Regardless, healthy captives not slaughtered were first sold to other Black Tribes or the nearby Arabs of Middle East. Those remaining were sold to European Ship Masters for resale to European Plantation Owners worldwide.   Thus, one finds it extremely hard understanding why so many of America’s Blacks currently and in general display such a great respect, admiration & veneration of their Black & Despicable Slave Trading Ancestors, while quite differently hating & despising Whites with a passion?   

Such misplaced & redirected anger makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.   Besides, haven’t most all such cargos sold-off in The Americas faired much better here than anywhere else on earth, and even on The African Continent itself?   African Slaves unarguably flourished much better number-wise in America with: “Slavery”,…than did The American Indian due: “Manifest Destiny”.  Such is a historic reality and/or fact that about 1 million African Slaves here became 40 million, whereas initially about 40 million Native Americans became 1 million.    

Whatever all you referring to selves as: “African-Americans”, don’t feel bad about it all.   I too have quite   unconscionable Roman Ancestors whom similarly don’t deserve the sweat off my or any else’s brow (actually much lower).   The entire Roman Empire was solely built & served by slaves (black, brown & white).

Thus, and to my typically enslaving ancestors I say: “Screw all you foul-scum-of-the-earth, ONE & ALL”. To America’s Blacks & Browns state: “Don’t stay zealot suckered forever,…and get on with your lives”.  Naturally more EQUALLY and much less MORALLY SUPERIOR for-a-change,…of course.

The End