San Francisco EAST
by N.R. Filidei (6/3/07 - commentary)

Granted, comparing Edison or one of the largest Townships in The State of New Jersey to: "The City on The Bay" and/or San Francisco, might seem a bit odd to many. But these days, such obviously a quite good comparison.

In fact, the typical Democrat Attack Dog Bus-loads deployed to disrupt President Bush's visit to a Republican Fund Raiser in Edison on May 30, 2007,...pretty-much proves the point. Edison & Frisco are quite compatible Political Sister Cities, since apparently employing and deploying Fanatical Democrat Ideologues en-mass to confuse people, as wanted and needed.

Such truly unfortunate for the other mostly fine, sensible and sane residents not so politically duped, of my neighboring Community of Edison. Truly sorry for you folks, as am for most other New Jerseyans.

That Leftist Orchestrated Debacle must have been one-helluva-an embarrassment? However, and if any consolation, believe many other New Jerseyans were also embarrassed by such a large vicious protest orchestrated by The Democrat Political Machine, normally do for retaining control over the entire State of New Jersey.

Like it or not, but that's the way things are now. Even if by some fluke Mother Theresa were to vie for some High Office as a Republican/Conservative,..."She" too would no doubt be mass-attacked verbally by most all those in TOTAL CONTROL of: "STILL Colonial New Jersey". Hey,...if not A Democrat,..."She" MUST be a bad, mean and an uncaring person. And, that's that's that.

Don't laugh. The aforementioned basically the Standard Democrat Tactic for attaining and retaining power & control over The People's Minds and THEIR Monies. Has certainly worked quite well in New Jersey,...AND FOR QUITE SOME TIME. Such cannot be denied.

Thus, it's no wonder that New Jersey has always been amongst the highest taxed states in America,...and now infamously IS ACTUALLY THE HIGHEST TAXED STATE in The United States of America. "Democrats/Socialists/Leftists posing as Liberals" controlling The State from top to bottom,...just won't permit it being any other way. Politics & Politicians Reign Supreme.

Voting, Representation and: "Will of The People" mostly meaningless, here in New Jersey. Naturally, only meaningless for the vast majority and NOT: "Connected", associated, affiliated or beholding to The Democrat Political Apparachik. Whereas, those for whom politics is their very end all and be all, fair quite well and better than most,...and even exceptionally well at retirement. Hey,...nothing but the best for Ruling Elite, Lords & Affiliated.

Well, that's enough about Overall Dem Dictated New Jersey. Let's jump over to The Federal Level, where even there Democrat Phonies are always quite suspect of TRUE INTENT. If through their standard duplicity and character-assassinations for about SIX YEARS of CAMPAIGNING Democrats get to: "Recapture The White House",...WATCH-OUT: "Pilgrims". Then, we're talking LIFE, DEATH & NATIONAL-SURVIVAL.

Think the above an exaggeration? Not so. Such actually understating matters if aware of what only a few months of the newly Democrat Controlled U.S. Congress ALONE have produced.
Realistically, most lofty Dems act more so like UN Representatives or Berkley Professors, than normal Americans.

Then too, daily under-mining America & America's Troops and pandering to foreign nationals (here legally or otherwise), while simultaneously encouraging Fanatical Islam to stay their despicable course for America's and the rest of The Free World's DESTRUCTION, not very nice. Such not all that very reassuring to this also most likely: "Soft Target of Opportunity" for Fanatical Islamic Terrorists/Murderers/Assassins, either.

Doubt any or all stated here? Well then, just get a second opinion from those actually involved and at the forefront of this quite deadly terrorist warfare business, whether from U.S. & Allied Troops or The Terrorists of Islam.

There should be no doubt whatsoever that both U.S. & Allied Troops despise any of their Leftist or Capitulating Warlords. Naturally, one must exclude any malcontents or cowards having no stomach for defending the defenseless and killing our avowed to Allah and would be murderers.

Whereas, The Terrorists of Islam undoubtedly just LOVE having Democrat Civilian Warlords calling-the-shots for America. What better gift could ANY ENEMY ask for? Leaders that want to chit-chat, instead of shoot back and save their people?

Gets no better than that, for Radical & Fanatical Islam.
"Praise be Allah...and pass the ammunition, and also those old and NON-existent(?) WMDs (tee-hee & giggle-giggle), the new stuff".

The End