THANK YOU!!!...Senator John Kerry
by N.R. Filidei (11/1/06 - commentary)

Whether privately or in public, it's most always damn-near-impossible making staunch or lifelong brainwashed Democrat Followers/Voters come to grips with reality and/or how most all are perpetually deceived and duped by "Their" Political Leaders.

Therefore, recently I believe that A Great Big: "THANK YOU!!!" is most certainly warranted for the mouth of SELF-Applied For, SELF-Decorated and thus pretty-much SELF-Proclaimed Hero: "Rambo John Kerry".

Doesn't matter that right after his exceptionally short 3-4(?) Month & Heroic Tour of Vietnam, was when Kerry first started his quite lengthy career (still so) as a quite nationally undermining War Protester ala Jane Fonda or Bill Clinton. "He" most always shows The Democrat Clique's TRUE COLORS so-damn-well.

In fairness to both Fonda and Clinton, such only tried manipulating the press, so as to treasonably help America's Enemy. Whereas, quite North Vietnamese encouraging Lt. John Kerry did so similarly before The United States Congress,...ALSO.

Being an early political climber aside,...old: "Rambo John Kerry" is nowadays actually even better at publicly exposing The: "Democrats/Socialists/Leftists posing as Liberals" FOR WHAT TRULY ARE,...much better than DNC Chairman Dean does and ever did.
So, and again:......."THANK YOU!!!...Senator John Kerry".

Regardless, and not wanting to belabor the obvious or be accused of: "Kicking a dead horse", I honestly do not understand how SO MANY Not "Connected" Americans can so robotically and forever follow and vote for such self/clique-serving ABOVE ALL OTHERS (foreign nationals excluded, of course) Democrat Leaders,...and while Under Attack by Mass-murderous Islam to-boot???????????

Do staunch Democrat Voters in general honestly believe that voting-in The: "Recapture The White House" AT ANY COST TO AMERICAN & AMERICANS Crowd, is more important than protecting The Lives of THE ENTIRE American Citizenry (both civilian & military)??

Do staunch Democrat Voters ACTUALLY PREFER nationally-suicidal and/or career-Wartime Protesters Leading America during the worst threat to OUR SURVIVAL AS A NATION, in American History?

Also, and last but certainly not least, do: "Die Hard" Democrat Voters all actually believe it better being POLITICALLY-CORRECT (epitome of an oxymoron) and thus of quite questionable longevity,...rather being more conservative, pragmatic and sensibly uniting for killing and destroying OUR FANATICALLY AVOWED & MURDEROUS COMMON ENEMY?

Certainly hope most staunch Democrat Voters finally sniff some ammonia and are revived and brought to their senses,...before too late.

Hey,...WE ALL are in very same ship under attack:"Pilgrims", TRUE IMMIGRANTS and/or offspring of same ,....and even you of the quite obviously Fanatical Democrat BENT.
Whatever,..."DON'T FORGET TO VOTE".

The End