It's About Time!!!
by N.R. Filidei (1/8/06 - commentary)

Never thought would witness such in my lifetime, even though elsewhere worldwide so common. But, the most divisively over-politicized or politically-whacked-out nation on earth and/or: "Weirdsville USA", has apparently and FINALLY come to its senses.

Bravo!!!...and thank you very much Department of Homeland Security for making it happen.

Just imagine that? As of January 23, 2007 everyone either leaving or entering America will need a valid National Passport at minimum,...such as most other nations or countries of The World have already required for eons. Truly amazing! Plus: "It's About Time!!!".

Even more amazing to me (no doubt to others also), is that it took The Greatest, Most Powerful, Wealthiest and thus most jealously despised nation on the planet to sanely, sensibly and quite logically do so,...after ONLY 231 YEARS. WOW!!!, about typically slow-witted Officialdoms with Congressional Oversight Committees, to-boot.

Therefore, and in that context, guess it more than fair saying that politically obsessed and ruled (every which way imaginable) America just has not been near as wise about National Security & Survival of its Citizenry, have been most other nations. Worse than that, is that the previous insane nonsense makes it quite impossible determining just how many of our fanatical enemies are already here. Not very nice having to find out THE HARD WAY. Remember: "9/11"???

Regardless, and fortunately at last for all We Americans, some semblance of official sanity has finally prevailed, and none too soon I might add. Don't truly believe that America had much more time left for continuing on with its pretty-much Honor System Security and/or quite stupid nationally-suicidal status quo? Like it or not, but our MANY fanatical & despicable terrorist enemies (both internal & abroad) are anything but stupid,: "Pilgrims".

Still, and given America's longtime, perpetually divisive and zealot style undermining (even during wartime) and politics being what it is, the long waited for sanity will no doubt be fought tooth and nail. MANY political leaders and other organized career-people-dividers and deceptive panderers will assuredly and deceivingly crocodile cry or whine incessantly.

Will undoubtedly and in concert be echoed adnauseamly that The Poor just cannot afford an expensive $97 and/or about 1/4 to 1/3 the cost of an IPOD gift,...for a U.S. Passport. Yeah, sure? But,...SO WHAT?

To such phonies or political zealots I would merely say: "I don't mind paying for The Poor's clothes, food, housing, schools, hospitals, medicines and such, since already what's done". "Nor, do I even mind sending The Poor's Children to Summer Camp, since already what's done".

"HOWEVER, and as a longtime one of: 'We The (Schnooks)', I'll-be-damned if also being Socialist Big Brother forced paying for the The Poor's (whether American or foreigner) passports". "If such want to vacation in Cancun, Puerto Vallarta or with friends and relatives and/or take daily junkets into Tijuana or Juarez to do similar,...let them buy their own passports".

Hey,...We Americans are not all Rich, Big Sports or Perpetual Easy Marks.
Nor, are We All just-plain-stupid or politically-duped fools, either.

Besides, don't believe that most Americans like being continually used as A Great Big Piggy-bank by foreign leaders & foreign nationals, anyway. That's what Embassies & Consulates are for.

In fairness, don't think that The American Taxpayer in general all that overly-thrilled being used similarly by young, healthy and able Fellow Americans that way, either?

The End