UNACCEPTABLE Dem Press Questions
by N.R. Filidei (2/10/07 - commentary)

Since: "Father, stepfather, brother and grandfather were Muslims" and also first raised Muslim, how come Obama's Office refers to father as; "An atheist", without ever mentioning the son's Muslim upbringing? Is being: "An atheist" deemed better than being a Muslim for possibly leading: "This One Nation Under God"?

Also, how come does The Mainstream Press/Media keep repeatedly reporting what known to be flat-out-lying and so obviously politically purposeful and deceiving? The People aren't stupid and without memory.

The very same press (naturally with some changes & additions over the years) once made one-helluva-big-deal out of whether or not America would ever elect A Catholic President (re. JFK and/or our late President John Fitzgerald Kennedy).

So then, why not nowadays a same religious scrutiny be similarly applied to the current wannabe Prez, Barack Obama? Are atheists and Muslims just that much more trustworthy and forthright than devout Catholics, Christians or Jews??? Apparently so to many politicians, zealots and most in the press/media.

Then too and what's nowadays certainly worth questioning since America & World now under attack by RADICAL & FANATICALLY-MURDEROUS Islam, why all the religious, political and pretty-much overall press/media protecting diversions, subterfuges and/or censorings of such important information,...or basically which: "Need to Know" should largely be kept from The American Electorate?

Is political-correctness (an extreme oxymoron) or quite asininely forced never offending any foreign nationals (enemies inclusive) and fanatical religions, nor deceivers or: "Democrats/Socialists/Leftists posing as Liberals" and/or Fanatical DNC types,...just so-damn-important and paramount to America's mainstream press/media? Sure-as-hell seems so,...and adnauseamly day-in and day-out to-boot.

Someone should explain to such fools that America's Sovereignty & Survival while having been attacked and thus war having been Declared on US by Fanatical Islam, are infinitely much more important than whether Barack or Hillary run for The Presidency in 2008. Plus, America's very survival is unarguably more important than whether America's Muslim Clerics & Followers have their feelings hurt or are offended (or not). SURVIVAL MUCH MORE IMPORTANT!!!

After all, no one need have a doctorate in either History or Religions of The World to recognize THE QUITE OBVIOUS. Such being that Democracies & Islam normally mix about as well together as oil does with water,...and even during peacetime.

In fact, Infidels & Islam don't mix or don't get along very well even worse during this latest declaration of war or what apparently the beginning of Muslim's latest and/or EIGHTH 100 Year Islamic Holy War against age old despised and hated Infidels, and/or now actually eighth latest attempt at World Conquest for Allah & Islam.

Make up your mind. Want to remain relatively Free and as usual ruled by often times absurd politics and selectively pandering politicians? Or prefer being suicidally-tolerant of or converting to Islam and being ruled by a bunch of no-nonsense and/or quite dictatorially-merciless Mullahs.
Take your pick. So far,...The Choice is yours.

The End