by N.R. Filidei (10/18/06 - commentary)

No doubt many others have also heard some variations of the quite common expressions like: "Don't Vote - Don't Gripe" and; "Voting Very Important". Still, one wonders why such always taken for granted and/or considered as if some-sort-of: "Gospel", and never to be questioned?

Guess that generations upon generations of political hype, indoctrinations and institutional teachings have worked quite well in America? In fact, any arguing against such purposefully contrived political validations of our 2, 4 or 6 year political voting process are usually scoffed-at, ridiculed as fools, or just deemed as if malcontents unworthy of even residing in Big Brother and/or quite worldwide socialistic America.

Regardless, all longtime voters (new voters also) NOT SOMEHOW AFFILIATED, BEHOLDING or THRIVING BETTER THAN MOST due politics, like political leaders, political appointees, pundits, journalists, political scientists, corporations, lobbyists and many others benefiting greatly from American Politics,...should quite seriously ask themselves about the supposed great merits of voting IN ALL ELECTIONS. Might not like the obvious and/or truthful answers?

First and foremost, the vast majority should ask themselves: EXACTLY WHY & FOR WHOM ARE: "Voting Very Important"?

Also, how can any honestly believe that continually voting for perpetual people-dividing political bents actually safeguard and guarantee Our Democracy and/or Our Rights to: "Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness"?

Only The U.S. Constitution and The U.S. Military guarantee such.
Politicians never guarantee anything but indefinite divisiveness, and that either one or the other Political Party will TOTALLY CONTROL The American Taxpayer and/or PAYER OF EVERYTHING in America (all Pays & Pensions of The Public Sector inclusive),...and even MUCH MORE worldwide.

Then too, there's that little matter of The American Citizenry's Safety, Security and National Survival (and especially during wartime), that quite seriously needs questioning.

So then, how-in-the-hell can any: "UN-Connected" Sane Americans even believe that: "Voting Very Important" when both Democrat & Republican Leaders quite cavalierly insist or decree that America's Sovereign Borders pretty-much REMAIN (a longtime norm) WIDE OPEN,...even while under attack by historically the most fanatical mass-murderers of Islam? Are We currently governed by a bipartisan gaggle of nationally-suicidal nuts?

Whatever, and even though a multitude more of questions could easily be raised about voting irregularities, illegitimacies and unworthinesses only of great importance to zealots and such,,...just further think about these last couple of beauties.

Why does an obvious system of political governance obsessed with political-correctness (epitome of an oxymoron) and/or not offending any nationals (even fanatical muslim enemies), races or ethnicities on earth, DENY its very own citizenry same nicety? Are We Ethnic Americans just: "Infidel Chicken Soup". Do such daily foreign national preferences displayed by America's Leaders actually make: "Voting Very Important" for We Americans,...ALSO?

Since voting in America apparently only of true importance for politicos, affiliated and beholding and even foreign nationals and minorities (both racial & societal),...this very last and key question must be asked.

Are: "We The (Schnooks)" and/or The American Taxpayer merely needed and patronizingly-used as some Great Big Piggy-Bank by America's Ruling Class and/or: "Marks" to be be bilked in perpetuity, by both Political Bents?
Nothing More - Nothing Less?

America's normally disgusting (now even lethal) political realities aside,..."DON'T FORGET TO VOTE" since; "Voting Very Important" for most every OTHER nationality on earth. Important for The American Citizenry, ALSO? Eh? Not very likely at all, if merely an Anglo-American or a: "Gringo" of The Vast Majority. Whatever,..."DON'T FORGET TO VOTE"!!!

The End