by N.R. Filidei (12/4/06 - commentary)

Granted, "The N word" has been historically used quite disparagingly against Black Americans,...and for quite some time. Even as far back as: "The Reconstruction Period" after the Civil War, the Democrat Politicians and/or: "Carpetbaggers" newly in charge and control referred to the The Southern Freed Blacks normally exploited, cheated and worse,; "Their Niggers" also. Freed Slaves pretty-much found themselves with new Northern Masters, additionally.

Regardless, and quite fortunately for Black Americans, The White Supremacy & Superiority Worm has turned. One of the first times noticeable for many, was during The O.J. Simpson trial. Any from abroad following The Trial must have seriously thought it more a crime in America that any White American (re. LA Detective Furhman) MIGHT HAVE EVER uttered the word: "Nigger"(?),...rather than any Black American savagely slaughtering 2 Whites. Sure seemed so to me, at that time.

Can't say with certainty. But, think than many Blacks still think similarly to this very day, and/or that the inexcusable black-demeaning detective should have a least been mercilessly drawn and quartered,...for being so insensitive and intolerant towards blacks. Fu-u-u-nny.

Well that's enough morbidity,...and let's get over to the more lighter side of both Black & White Racism & Supremacy. Yeah, that's right Folks. Die Hard Bigots, Racists and Supremacists come in all colors, shapes and forms. Such not all just Whites.

Hell, was only about a week or so ago that some foolish White Comedian dared use: "The N word" publicly in a comedy routine. "The Horror of It All", and the poor shlub has been forced ever since by many in society to sheepishly grovel, prostrate himself and beg for forgiveness,...from most everyone here in: "Free Speech America".

What an utterly cowering national nonsense, since at the very same time (plus MANY times before) America's Leftists have continually, repeatedly and in concert been calling Our Wartime Commander-In-Chief: "A LIAR" to all Americans, The Troops & Allies, and The Entire World,...and daily excused as; "Free Speech" and even as somehow being pervertedly PATRIOTIC(??????????). Damn!!!,...what an overall treasonable gall.

Get Real, FOOLS. The People know that only America's Leftists, ACLU, UN, and Islamic Murderers can TRULY appreciate such a perversion of: "FREE SPEECH". Naturally, the fanatically-murderous muslim terrorist ilk appreciate such THE MOST,...since like music to their ears and also quite encouraging and helpful for the age old Murderous Breed.

Regardless, and getting back to either black, white or whatever color comedians, no one should believe that those thriving best from the shock value of racial slurs, fall into that Despicable Wartime Undermining Free Speech Category previously alluded to,...and unfortunately much prevailing here in America. Bill Maher,

Then too, what's-the-big-deal or great hullabaloo over ONE White Comedian daring to use the word: "Nigger", anyway? MANY Black comedians perpetually, adnauseamly and/or disgustingly and quite repetitively use it all the time. Black Comedians use the word: "Nigger" almost as often as their other disgustingly favored word: "Mother-----r" NO-NO-NO,...that's not Mother Dear.

The unarguable truth of the matter being, is that if most Black Comedians left those two foulest of expressions out of their typical one hour TV or Stage Shows,...same routines would be about a-half-hour (or less). Doubt me? Well then, just take a count, if can stomach a full hour of self/race (plus all other races) deprecating filth by The Quite Overly Sensitive Race. The math should prove me out.

Plus, no American should have to speak with guarded words or walk on egg shells around another American,...unless a phony or pandering politician just looking fo votes.

Whatever, and as already previously stated, just keep in mind that Bigots, Racists and Supremacists are not solely the characteristics of some in The White Community.

WOW!!!,...sorry about dat. Dasn't ever make such a volatile, biased, racially hurtful blunder like saying: "The White Community" or prefacing ANYTHING solely for Whites,...ever again. What was I thinking? What came over me while writing this piece? Could it have been The Molson Golden?
Great reminder, and will be right back. ..............................

So then, and now refreshed, I guess I'll just have to truly beg for everyones forgiveness,...just for being SO-DAMN-HONEST (tee-hee / slurp-slurp)?

Believe my ever begging ANYONE for ANYTHING, and I'll tell you another beauty. Hey,...just the other day was was telling the wife that in 2008 planning to vote for the new black exploiting and/or: "Carpetbagger" Presidential Ticket of: "Hillary & Sharpton".

Worst possible happening for America and comedians aside, just never know?

After all, takes only 51% of America's largest minority and/or The Electorate to pull off such an obvious nationally suicidal madness. Plus America's minority of voters have been duped CHOOSING DEAD-WRONG,....for the overwhelmingly greater part of the last 60 or so years.

Just test your memory if old enough or read some history.
Then do the math,...before thinking me wrong or off the charts.

The End