What Absolyte BS!!!
by N.R. Filidei (August 21, 2012 - commentary)

This has been written/posted on General Forum of patriotfiles.com and not the Political Debate segment since there's nothing to politically debate about BHO II or Junior's quite obvious lying to deceive both Military and Veterans (patriotic civilians also) FOR THEIR VOTES.

Thus, All Americans should take note of What Absolute BS it is/was when Obama publicly lied/lies about his father having served in WWII (plus most everything else that comes out of either side of his mouth).

Do The Math. His fathers' birth dates alone prove that: "His Barackness" cannot be believed.

Even though very likeable, smooth, calm, cool and collected,...he quite often typically lies to deceive American People and retain power and control.

Lying and deceiving are just inate. Chicago Crowd, Mob, Gang, Authoritarians or whatever know of no other way to attain and retain high office.

Hey. Whatever works.

Regardless Barry or Barack's actual Kenyan/Marxist father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr. was born 4/4/36 and died 11/24/82. That would make him 5 years old when WWII started and about 9 when it ended.

Lolo Soetoro (Obama's Indonesian/Muslim stepfather) was born 1/2/35 and died 3/2/87. That would make him 6 years old when WWII started and 10 years old at its end.

Basically, folks,...just stupidly believe Obama and cohorts or cronies at your own peril.

Besides,...can America & Free World even afford 4 more years of Obama Omnipotent Rule, anyway?

The End