Absurd Subsidies???
by N.R. Filidei (11/30/13 - commentary)

Obamacare debacles causing people on MEDICARE (premium paid for) to loose out and MEDICAID (a welfare type freebie) rolls to largely increase in America aside, how come few (if any?) don't quite rightfully complain about Government(?) Subsidies given to those whom cannot afford our newly dictated European or Socialistic type: "AFFORDABLE (how silly) Healthcare Insurance"???

First off, The Administration or those in charge and/or basically Big Brother dictating actually pay for NOTHING, much less any subsidies for greatly increased medical insurance premiums caused by Obamacare.

Solely The U.S. Taxpayer PAYS for EVERYTHING in America. EVERYTHING! Even Obama's latest Political Fund Raising Junket,...just like the Political Fund Raising Junket to Las Vegas gone on immediately after being informed about The Ambassador and 3 other Brave Americans MUSLIM TERRORIST SLAUGHTERED at Benghazi, Libya.

What a truly shameful display of Presidential Concern for Brave Americans' Lives!!!

Regardless and since quite obviously taxes will have to be drastically raised, due largely to the great increase of new people signing up for MEDICAID and the many million others needing subsidies to help pay for their new medical insurance premiums,...just how-in-the-hell can so many of our current Political Liars have the gall or audacity to name that abysmally non-workable Obmacare failure as: "AFFORDABLE Healthcare Insurance"? Are they all nuts?

Orrrrrrrrr do: "His Barackness" and all of his obedient lords, ladies and supportive mainstream press/media think that all rest of We Americans are just-plain-stupid?

Besides, if Obamacare is so-damn-great and wonderful (as largely Dem BS propagated),...why are those in ruling governments (local, state & federal) and Public Sector in general, union$ and other friend$ and supporter$ excluded from, exempted or not forced or dictated to accept such, just like the rest of: "We The (Schnook$)" have to?

Apparently now even in America it must be realized that there's NO EQUALITY in dictatorships.
Ruling elite here always rule and: "We The (Schnook$)" are always just Free to Do as Told.

The End