AMAZING,... isn't it?
by N.R. Filidei (September 13, 2012 - commentary)

Even while Radical Islam/Muslims have concertedly Declared War on The United States of America AGAIN by attacking American Embassies and killing Americans,...both The Prez and his Largely Supportive mainstream press/media merely keep knocking or trashing any and all Republicans as usual.

Both obviously believe that the re-election of: "His Barackness" is the ultimate and most important matter on earth,...even though just the opposite is quite obviously true.

Thus it's no wonder why neither President Obama, like-minded Ideologues and Supportive Press or: "Obama's Propaganda Ministry" (as is obvious to many) can be believed about serious and grave matters of National Importance, whether concertedly echoed verbally or typically repeated identically in print.

Totally believe any of such Mutual Adoration Society or Political Supremacist type ideologues at your own peril, folks.

Still, I'll just never understand why America's Press in large part and in concert refuse to ever state anything bad, derogatory, demeaning or belittling about America's Inept Leaders and Our Muslim Enemies,...even while at war and American Embassies and American Citizens are under attack?

Also, how come press never questions why President Barack Hussein Obama II or Jr. won't even stop his 4 years of Constant Campaigning and Fund Raising for even a second?

Is conquering those Bad Republicans & Bad Capitalism instead of seriously addressing embassy attacks in some semblance of a presidential manner, that much more important?

Generally the answer to why Obama does what he strangely and quite lordly does, is actually a no-brainer.

After all and many needed political expedient facades aside, Obama's very own words from his book: "The Audacity of Hope" explains what his Top Priority is and where his True Allegiance actually lays.

His very own written and sadly self-exposing words are:

"I will stand with Muslims should the
winds change in an ugly direction".

Sorry, folks. But that's what our: Apologist-In-Chief" actually wrote about his most revered and most favorite of all people.

Hey. I'm just the messenger.


The End