"GREAT Analogy"
by N.R. Filidei (1/26/09 - commentary)

Some obviously honest & wise U.S. Senator (Don't remember name?) said it best on FNC (Fox News Channel) this morning, regarding The TOTALLY America Controlling Democrats whom campaign bull promissed: "Change" & quickly solving most every problem confronting USA (real, imagined or fabricated).

NOW, Dem Political Leaders (actually acting more so like:"I Won" or "We Won" RULERS) all concertedly & quite differently chime; "Things will get much worse before getting better" while simultaneously forcing MANY BILLION$ (actually TRILLION$) of U.S. Taxpayer Funds down some solely; "Fat Cat" & "Bloated Officialdom" Enriching Sink Hole. "We The (Schnooks)" and/or "We The People" or The Private Sector U.S. Taxpayer aren't being helped at all, or whatsover.

Whatever, I believe The Senator explained all Democrat Leaders NOW acting & pontificating like: "Roosters taking credit for The Dawn" (which always eventually daily comes anyway), was truly one-helluva GREAT Analogy of Democrat Leaders ineptness at confronting America's economic problems & all other problems also).

Damn-it-all. Hope America can survive both Our Naive TOTALLY Controlling & Ruling Democrats & the quite differently Wise & Resolved Destroying America Islamic Terrorist Beheaders (their norm for captives)?

Let's Get Real here,...for-a-change. We can't logically remain a Lucky Nation FOREVER.

The End