Answer Me This?
by N.R. Filidei (3/23/09 - commentary)

Here's another little ditty or common sense which not likely to make it past censor of The Press/Media, Colleges & Washington, DC. Such just not herdlike intelligencia or royally acceptable enough.

Whatever, even Kindergarten Teachers (no doubt most their students also) know that bad or spoiled rotten milk must be thrown out & never be resold to anyone, as if Good Milk. After all, any duped buyers of such Bad Milk will obviously be made sick or MUCH WORSE.

A more grownup variation of such being that: "You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear".

Thus, in those both sound & quite unarguably sensiblly true contexts, why now do grownups in authority concertedly demand that The U.S. Taxpayer be ACTUALLY FORCED to assist: "Fat Cat" bankers, insurers, derivative traders & such stupid enough to; "Make Bad Loans" or be scammed buying tons of: "Toxic Assets"? Seems like one-helluva a lordly cavalier way of now FORCING The U.S. Taxpayer to INSTEAD: "Take-it-on-the-chin", while INSTEAD: "Bailing-out" those greedy; "Fat Cat" Dummies? Where's The Justice? Where's there any sanity or even Fairness to such, for that matter?

Hell, and even by childish: "LoonyTunes" cartoons or fairytale standards wouldn't it make infinitely more sense to: "Share The Wealth" and/or the BILLION$ & TRILLION$ TAKEN from The U.S. Taxpayer,...DIRECTLY to ALL VICTIMIZED & HURTING U.S. Citizens INSTEAD? Just bypass all American corporate & governmental institutions (both Good & Bad). The Lawyer and/or Bureaucracy Fees ALONE SAVED,...should prove quite astronomical!

That way, and since all U.S. Taxpayer Funds for supposed: "Stimulus Package" won't be frittered-away as usual into either both Public or Private Sector typical: "Fat Cat" sinkholes (The American norm) & and given the VA$T NUMBER$ being bandied-about as if Monopoly Money,...each hurting or victimized American Citizen should be in for some truly big boodle or grand: "Bonus" INSTEAD.

Even though no accountant or mathematical genius, when talking: "TRILLION$" one needn't be some-sort-of-wizard figuring that each & every so HURTING & VICTIMIZED U.S. Citizen could easily get at least about A MILLION DOLLARS for each family.

Honestly, wouldn't such be much more governmentally wiser & better than what currently being lordly shoved down U.S. Taxpayer Throats, right now? Hell, if Our Lords & Ladies instead gave such vast sums Directly to The People as suggested,...wouldn't there likely be enough monies left over in America's trough for helping even more Mexicans & Mexico City (many other foreign nationals also)?

Hey: "A penny saved is a penny earned",...isn't it?

The End