Is BBB or Barack Bull Believable
by N.R. Filidei (8/08/08 - commentary)

Overall and in general, can the multitude of cheerleading PR types and/or quite intransigently myopic political handlers, zealots, pundits, journalists(?) or whatever be believed when spouting or touting Barack Hussein Obama Jr., as: “The Second Coming”?  “Second Coming” OF WHAT is baffling at best.

Also, why-on-earth do such Political Supremacist Democrats ala Nancy Pelosi and/or San Francisco style national under-miners of Mainstream Press/Media keep repeatedly echoing absurdities like: “Obama’s Muslim born father & namesake from a Largely Extended Kenyan Muslim Family, was actually an atheist”? Why should such even matter,…and especially here amongst godless American Politics? 

Besides, shouldn’t our supposedly unbiased (?) public informers be telling American Voters much more IMPORTANT things about Obama’s background, INSTEAD?  Things like Obama Sr. skipping-out from married life & scooting back to Kenya, when little Barack was only 2 years old. Also, shouldn’t We usually kept in the dark or largely deemed: “On Need to Know basis” Americans find it much more interesting that his then second father and/or his Indonesian stepfather Lolo Soetoro,…was and still is a quite lethally devout or deadly RADICAL Wahabi Muslim.

Yeah,…that’s right. Same RADICAL Wahabi Muslim Sect are the quite merciless breed of unconscionable terrorists largely responsible for BOTH murderous attacks on New York’s Twin Towers,…plus many other cowardly mass-murdering attacks worldwide.

Just think of it. If Obama and: “Recapture White House AT ANY COST TO America” Crowd successfully: “Divide (Americans) & Conquer”, it’s not too far-fetched expecting Wahabi Dad (re. Lolo Soetoro) and/or long time raiser, guider & mentor from childhood through Madrassa School (possibly even to date also?) could be either appointed America’s new Leader of Homeland Security, Secretary of Defense or maybe even Secretary of State,…and why not? If son good enough to be President, can’t father also be trusted??   

Regardless, and whether joking or dead-serious, let’s all hope that such enemy helpful infiltrations of leadership as alluded to never come to pass. The sad reality that Nancy Pelosi is now actually third in line to be Wartime Commander-In-Chief of The U.S. Military and America with even a Wartime Undermining Democrat/Leftist Majority in Congress to-boot,…are already scary enough realities to contend with.

Add Old Lolo to the truly nationally-suicidal equation, and things actually become even more dicey & scarier for We Americans, than already are.    

Still, and whether joking, conjectured realities or likely scenarios aside, why is it that Obama having the most suspect of all backgrounds & mentors FROM BIRTH TO DATE of any candidate possible ever, is deemed so-damn-sacrosanct and/or why much about him Dare Never be scrutinized or even brought up??    

Hell, even Conservatives or Republicans timidly & stupidly go along with the quite silly NO-NO or DNC TABU of never even mentioning his birth given middle name of: “Hussein”. Granted BO isn’t near as impressive or presidential sounding as FDR, JFK or LBJ. In fact, BHO sounds more so like some-sort-of kid’s toy train set to me. Still,…what’s-the-big-deal?  

Normally caving-into Dem Demands with nary a whimper, I can’t even imagine any so timid Congressional Republican Minority Leaders having the guts to bring up Old Lolo’s RADICAL Muslim Sect, during this latest Presidential Carnival. The Majority Party Dems & “Their”: “In The Tank Press”, simply WILL NOT permit it.

A glib sarcasm even though greatly warranted aside, and since quite unlikely ALL such Truths will never escape about The REAL Obama from the mainstream press/media about their: “Darlings” and/or all other; “Democrat/Socialist/Leftist Political Supremacists posing as Liberals”, just read between the lines and/or note what missing. Or, just switch to more honest or less purposefully censoring channels or publications.

Fortunately, non-slanted truths somehow slip through the cracks at times. The Big Trick is spotting “Them” before too late. After all, isn’t FOUR YEARS an awfully long & dangerous waiting time frame before being able to correct what obviously was a quite lethal mistake in voting? 

In the vein of: “Before too late” and/or before next stepping into a polling booth, voters better realize that Obama obviously & unarguably has the most troubling & suspect of backgrounds, ties & intents of any Presidential Candidate, ever before in American History. That so many of The Obamas’ life-long friends, supporters & confidants are & have been longtime National Under-miners & America-Haters or pro most everything foreign & alien to America  types are know & documented,…should scare even Democrats.      

Think above truths too harsh about Obama or DNC’s Great Hope? Well then and as to believability & both trust & allegiance-wise, just read one little passage from Barack Hussein Obama Junior’s book: “The Audacity of Hope”.  His very own words of: “I will stand with Muslims should the winds shift in an ugly direction” SEZ-IT-ALL for me,…and no doubt similarly for The U.S. Military and their/our murderously Radical Islamic Enemies, too.

“I pray to Jesus every night” often voter-reassuringly USED, seems totally bogus to me.  Apparently seems just as phony a ploy for getting votes to Radical Islam, ALSO.    

DAMN!!!,…It’s No Wonder why Islam’s most recent SUPPOSED (?) prominent turncoat, insulter and/or defector Obama isn’t EVEN ON ONLY ONE Radical Muslim Mullah’s Fatwah and/or quite lethal: “Hit List”.  Radical Muslim Mullahs have proved over & over being TRULY Bad Sports about such,…and even towards glibly joking comics, comedians & cartoonists worldwide.

So then, I guess that any Muslim born, Muslim raised & Devout Muslim Madrassa Schooled politicians denying Islam & supposedly converting to other religions, automatically get some-sort-of Islamic Pass or Dispensation? It’s too bad that many other transgressors or deniers of Islam have already been killed, and those not yet so executed must forever live in fear of assassination and/or the standard Islamic Retribution.  

WOW!!!,…that Obama Fella sure-as-hell ONE LUCKY ISLAMIC DEFECTOR???    Don’t you think?

The End