What's In a Name,..."BARRY"?
by N.R. Filidei (September 21, 2009 - commentary)

Being that: "His Barackness" & rest of Democrat Corrupt Chicago Political Machine now gone national obviously like changing names to better suit their normally quite dubios pasts & deceptive needs,...got me thinking of another such purposeful or planning-ahead name change.

Just when was it that a student Barry Soetoro registered as Religion: ISLAM & Nationality: INDONESIAN at Fransiscus Assisi School in Jakarta, Indonesia changed his name back to his original birth name given him by his Kenyan father Barack Hussein Obama Sr.?

Did President Barack Hussein Obama II or Jr. drop the Barry Soetoro moniker AFTER applying for financial aid & being awarded a Fellowship for FOREIGN STUDENTS from the Fulbright Scholarship PROGRAM (?),...WHOM MUST CLAIM FOREIGN CITIZENSHIP for such! Yeah,...that's right. "CLAIM FOREIGN CITIZENSHIP for such" & no doubt specifying fees, fines & jailing for any falsifications!!!

Orrrrrrrrrrr,...did Barry revert back being BHO Jr. due political expediency for his Chicago Political Climb & close ties to his; "Democrat Community Organizer" ACORN alma mater & Nation of Islam head, Louis Farrakhan? Apparently that facade of: "I pray to Jesus every night",...worked just as well?

Either way,...such do raise some serious legitimacy questions about either AKA: Barry or AKA: Barack? Whatever, it's just too bad that FBI obviously don't consider such longtime dubious ties as being worth questioning? Guess Politics now TRUMPS even National Security?

Though, I also guess National Security has changed quite some since when I was sort-of a federal employee in The U.S. Army? Still, I just can't believe either Barry or Barrack would have been FBI Cleared to even drive one of my Recon Jeeps,...much less be permitted TOP SECRET FBI Clearance for any Top Level Covert Ops.

Besides for US ALL,...feel especially Sorry for The U.S. Military. Warfare alone is certainly bad enough to contend with, Bros (Sisses also).

Hell,...Obama both previously & now circling & insulating himself with many of anti-America crowd & exceptionally Suspect of Intent Marxists,...I honestly believe Old Barack (or Barry) WOULD NOT have even been FBI permitted on a Military Base, in my day. And,...quite wisely & sensibly so for sure.

The End