"And the Beat Goes On"!
by N.R. Filidei (September 17, 2009 - commentary)

WOW!!!,...when will it ever end? When will the many constant People-Dividing for Political One-upmanship, Power & People Control Duplicities prevailing in this Greatest Nation on Earth...ever end?

Hell, now an admired for tenacity of forthrightness & honesty: "Geraldo", lawyer, reporter, commentator and well know championing of fellow hispanics,...even Mr. Rivera managed to get my hackles up. Thanks-a-lot, Buddy.

The other day "He" too just like the typically fanatical Political: "Energizer Bunny" or "Jack-in-the-box" Pelosi Crowd was promoting or pushing A TOTALLY UNWARRANTED; "Immigration Reform".

Such was truly disappointing to say the least. I certainly would never have expected such purposefully-echoed & belabored-to-death-biased-bull, similarly coming from one so obviously worldly knowledgeable, well respected & greatly admired by many. From staunch or fanatical ideologues of politics, press & other zealots in general,...of course. What else?

The fact of the matter, realistically or apolitically and/or thus NOT biased & NOT preferentially Ideology or clique favoring, America actually now needs ANOTHER: "Immigration Reform" like ANOTHER hole-in-the-head.

America's actual Immigration Reform AS NEEDED for Country was addressed & resolved many moons ago, or quite some time ago by The U.S. Government. Ever heared of those: "Immigration QUOTAS"? Well such did and STILL do exist,...even though obviously both Democrat & Republican career-Political Vote Panderers constantly refuse admitting the existance of such.

Granted, not as long of Waiting Periods on Quotas were needed way-back-when for foreign nationals & families desiring immigrating to The United States of America. Whereas nowadays many law-abiding foreigners must wait a lengthy 15 to 20 years to immigrate here.

So then, and just out of common decency, equality & fairness,...why-in-the-hell should: "Criminally Illegal Aliens" (the correct INS nomenclature) EN MASS (smugglers, criminals, spies & terrorists inclusive) FOREVER be Constantly Officialdom Permitted jumping (wading & tunneling also) to the head of The Legitimate Immigration Line, anyway?

Are Illegals so purposefully, pacifyingly & panderingly government & press misnomered absurdly as: "Illegal Immigrants",...all that important to America.

Don't even "They" too have embassies here for addressing their needs (?), just like all other foreign tourists must do if finding selves in dire straits. If U.S. Taxpayer not forced paying for well being of legitimate foreign visitors, how come we were, are & will always be DICTATED paying for the well being, medical & schooling of ILLEGALS. Is such even: "FAIR".

Then too, are criminally illegal entrants to The United States from Central & South America & other nations that much more worthwhile to America...than Legitimate Law-abiding Nationals wishing to immigrate here from Spain, Italy, Germany, Kenya, Congo or wherever? I don't believe so. Nor should anyone honestly believe so, either.

Still, it's truly too bad that America's constantly career-Vote Pandering Ruling Elite (bipartisan) obviously don't believe so. If differently did, there should be no doubt whatsoever that America's daily, ever increasing & never ending: "Criminally Illegal Alien Invasion" would have been nipped-in-the-bud and/or stopped about 30-40 YEARS AGO.

Whatever, and since: "Stupidly" forcing; "Change" (To WHAT?) or "Reforms" up-the-wazoo for The Greatest Nation on Earth and/or America now prevail,...why not forget about all the many other changes being lordly forced down American Citizenry's Throats, and instead make the obviously MOST NEEDED & IMPORTANT CHANGES OF ALL in America.

Yeah,...that's right. First, most all American Officials from top to bottom should CHANGE or REFORM their pompously-lordly & foreign nationals (illegals or not) favoring & intransigent mind-sets.

Another Great: "Change" would be for The U.S. Government to do A 180' or quite differently display some serious concern INSTEAD for The U.S. Citizen/Taxpayer,...rather than the obvious norm of for Selves, Positions, Cliques & Foreign Nationals & Nations (friends, enemies & criminal illegals alike).

Me, mine, friends and no doubt MANY, MANY, MANY other of: "We The (Schnook$)" FORCED PAYING for all U.S. Government Generosities to most everywhere on earth & any whom can sneak in here,...would great appreciate such a TRULY WARRANTED: "Change".

Slightly doubtful of any rightful questions or suggestions written here? Well then,...just run such (ducking, bobbing & weaving of course) past: "His Barackness", Congressional Queen Pelosi,...for a whole-big-gaggle of second opinions. Should be somewhat interesting, for sure?

The End