Why the: "Benghazigate" COVER-UP?
by N.R. Filidei (October 1, 2012 - commentary)

Given that both Obama Administration and their Propaganda Ministry or their obedient mainstream press/media pervertedly refuse informing and reporting that the WELL PLANNED & PRE-WARNED Large Scale Muslim Terrorist Attack which murdered the ambassador and 3 other American Citizens in the American Embassy at Benghazi,...does raise some quite serious questions.

Is Obama being re-elected and also his inept administration retaining power and control over all We Americans MORE Important than protecting U.S. Citizen Lives & Embassies?

Isn't it illegal for oath-takers (journalists also) or at least un-constitutional to constantly misinform: "We The People" For Political Gain?

How on earth can any True American actually consider attacks on American Embassies and obviously pre-planned murdering of Americans as merely some: "Bump-in-the-road"?

How come during that once differently benign and sophomoric political cover-up called: "Watergate" and where no people were even slightly harmed or hurt,...the American Press pretty-much concertedly demanded President Nixon resign in disgrace?

Besides,...what good can possibly ever come from any administration and mainstream press/media always DECEIVING We Americans and Obama constantly appeasing and apologizing to Mass-Murderous Muslim Terrorists and all other America Haters worldwide, anyway?

Sure there are many other questions one could pose about all those Quite Purposeful Deceivers as previously alluded to. But, let's just cut it short.

Just ask yourselves the few Big Character Flaw Exposing Questions of Charlatans & Supporters as written above,...BEFORE VOTING THIS NOVEMBER.

That way America & Freedom & Liberty will have a much better chance at WINNING.

The End