"Big Bird" Top Priority???
by N.R. Filidei (October 10, 2012 - commentary)

Dear Editors,

Since obviously the president, his wife, administration and most all supportive of them (journalists inclusive) currently consider the survival of PBS Sesame Street's: "Big Bird" of Top Priority or of Most Importance Nationally EVER,...such most certainly does raise some quite serious questions, to-say-the-least.

Is adnauseam belaboring the survival of: "Bird Bird" that much more important than addressing The Muslim Terrorist Attacks on embassies, murder of a U.S. Ambassador and three other brave Americans, and American Embassies largely left unprotected in general?

Should politicos and hacks constantly and concertedly be misusing: "Big Bird", so as to purposefully divert attention away from How Very Badly the economy has been managed (actually mismanaged), the many millions of Americans that are out of work, and how apologetic, capitulating and basically failed policies cause enemies to no longer fear us?

On a much lighter note, ask yourselves the following.

If Sesame Street instead had commercials like the All Other kiddy shows have, what would be so bad about that anyway?

Sesame Street being such a favored show by many little tykes, wouldn't there be sooooo many adverizers wanting to sponser it than many would no doubt have to be turned away?

Besides, if adverting and capitalism works quite well for: "Sponge Bob" and have always worked well for all The Many other childrens shows in America,...why keep forcing or dictating that Sesame Street quite differently be funded by the already overtaxed U.S. Taxpayer?

Is such even: "Fair"?

The End