BIG OIL Imbroglio, Con or Rip-off ???
by N.R. Filidei (May 8, 2008 - commentary)

Fortunately for We Americans our fuels here aren’t yet socialistically taxed as most Free World Nations of The West, or somewhat like America’s Alcohol & Tobacco Products are normally (actually Outrageously) Taxed,…and/or Quite Lordly Priced at 3-4 TIMES their actual cost.  

Whereas, Foreign Democracies and other nations abroad have their booze & cigs left alone by their rulers.   Those Governments differently tax their gasoline & diesel Quite Outrageously, and/or basically causing an about DOUBLING of what We Americans instead pay for a gallon of gasoline, at any given time. 

Granted, most Foreign Governments don’t glean vast revenues for their many needs, wants, desires & pomp from Income Taxes, such as done here in America and also England & France (just to mention a few others).         

Regardless, one surely hopes America’s Politicians don’t become as greedy as their British & French counterparts from across The Big Pond.  Just because their Subjects & some other Europeans ALSO meekly accept Income Taxes while simultaneously being screwed-over by socialistically priced gasoline & diesel fuels, such no reason for enforcing same Double-Shafting/Screwing on We Americans ALSO. 

That:“Supply & Demand” bull has little to do with Socialistic Pricings of fuels .  It would make more sense blaming: “The Tooth Fairy” for world’s Perpetually Manipulated & Contrived Oil Crisis (Socialistic Pricings also), instead of the many people-pacifying, placating & diversionary: “Supply & Demand” Deceivers. 

Want some truths about The Big Oil Rip-off, for-a-change?   Well then, just ask some pertinent questions.   At minimum, such should prove the reality that NOT ALL nationals on earth are daily held hostage or slave to Speculators & Traffickers in the: “Black Gold”.

  • First and foremost ask why most all OTHER Oil Rich Nations don’t daily rip-off their populations & punish their economies from Very Own Natural Resource and/or Crude Oil? Are such rulers just that much more caring & concerned about “Their” People & Economies?
  • For Americans only:  Why according to The Guam Chamber of Commerce are Regular Unleaded priced $1.839 (Full Service), $1.599 (Self Service) & Diesel $1.794 per gallon?  Is The U.S. Protectorate of Guam that Oil Rich an island nation?
  • Again for: “We The (Schnooks)” alone: Ask why in U.S. Commonwealth of Puerto Rico gasoline is priced about $1.57 a gallon?    Is Puerto Rico just as rich in Oil Reserves as Alaska, California, North Dakota, Wyoming, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, etc., etc., and the Gulf States of Texas, Louisiana & Mississippi?
  • Internationally: Why do the overall wealthiest or richest people per capita on earth Saudis reasonably charge their citizens about 46 cents per gallon for gasoline?   Their excuse (no doubt same excuse given by all other OPEC Nations) of: “It’s an individual policy decision by sovereign nations”.   SUCH CERTAINLY GOT MY ATTENTION!!!

WOW!!!,…What a Great New Concept!   Imagine that?   Some Sovereign Rulers differently protecting their people from Commodity Price Speculators, Price Manipulators, Price Inflators & Price Gougers.  Amazing!   What will some rulers or dictators think of next? 

Still, one should also ask: Why don’t American Leaders act similarly as: “SOVEREIGN”, caring & protective of the well being of their people & economy, as OPEC Leaders do for their peoples & economies?  Some semblance of SOVEREIGNTY on Our Southern Border,… couldn’t hurt either.

That troubling border reminds me of other reasonable questions worth asking about an OPEC Nation much closer to us, down in South America.   Why do most all of America’s Policy Makers & Press/Media concertedly insist that a Fellow Oil Exporter is: “The Bad Guy”, when Venezuela quite differently charges its people 12 cents a gallon for gasoline and even gives their friendly neighbors a break on Oil Price? 

Cannot understand why Chavez solely gets that: “Bad Guy” bum rap.  Whereas Texan, Californian and all other Oil Barons and Sheiks of The World DO NOT.  Aren’t they too just as duplicitously-greedy?  

Whatever, wish someone in Oil Rich America could at least explain why U.S. Officialdom daily sanctions & permits our being perpetually Big Oil Fat Cat Victimized, and/or royally-ripped-off at whim?

Also, how come non-(actually anti-)democracy rulers in general don’t permit their people to be similarly exploited by Commodity Price Inflators & Economy Destroyers?   Plus, why   aren’t America’s Rulers (of whatever lordly BENT) just as benevolent & caring about us?   Why is that?

Are royalty, sheiks, mullahs or dictators in general just that much more honorable, honest, trustworthy & less greedy than most Political Leaders of World’s Democracies?    Does daily campaigning & pandering required for keeping fine cushy jobs explain why politicos here rarely (if ever?) accomplish much?

Or, could it be that extra: “Under Table” jobs, affiliations or allegiances,…are just that much more important, worthwhile, lucrative or rewarding?   What do you think?

The End