Corrupt LIARS or DECEIVERS or Both???
by N.R. Filidei (December 11, 2011 - commentary)

Given so-damn-much High Officialdom Political Dirt exposed lately (naturally by mostly FNC and/or Fox News Channel since not typically a Dem Controlled entity), it's no wonder why so many Americans are currently shaking their heads in sheer amazement and disbelief.

Yeah, sure? High-mucky-muck Afghan, Iranian, Iraqi, Pakistani & Syrian ruling elite are all dangerous, low-life corrupt and untrustworthy officials,...while current U.S. Administration and their top political appointees are ALL So Much More Above & Beyond Reproach. NONSENSE!

Career political hypocrites, charlatans & also journalist phonies in collusion being international thing aside, our mainstream press/media didn't even dare question: "America's Campaigner-In-Chief" (Obama has been perpetually campaigning & fund raising since 2008) about his latest flat-out-LYING to The American People. One dare never question a king.

Still, I personally would likely believe that Barack could throw a pregnant camel up hill in a sandstorm than what babbled during his last campaign fund raising trip deceit of: "My top priority is and has always been JOBS". WHAT UTTER BS!!!

Hell, wild-eyed Pelosi is even more believable than him. Plus, unwarranted lawyer demeaning jokes abounding pale in comparison to those currently WARRANTED for mocking Obama.

Even though Greatly Suspect of Intent: "The Annointed One" (naturally just by most Dems, hacks, beholding, and adoring mainstream press/media & academe) has actually done more damage by over-regulating and thus causing EVEN MORE Private Sector JOB LOSSES in last 3 years,...than any president in history.

If differently honest for-a-change, "His Barackness" would admit that any jobs he actually produced were solely in The Public Sector. Increasing thousands of workers for many bureaucracies (both new and old), did the trick.

That Increase on Public Payroll alone for: "Obamacare", must be one-helluva-Biggy? Don't be fooled that only 14,000 new IRS Enforcers must be hired for shoving European style Government Healthcare down our collective throats.

Hell, even Barack's tight buddy and Jobs' Czar Immelt pretty-much sticks it to The American People. After all, INFINITELY More GE jobs were sent to China & other nations abroad, than were ever kept here in America, by The Obama/Immelt duo.

Regardless, Eric Holder has also proved no slouch either on that LYING & DECEIVING & waltzing U.S. Congress around and/or character flaws quite typical of mostly deceptive Dem ruling elite.

Ex-ACORN Democrat Community Organizer Obama's politically appointed Top Enforcer, Consigliere or Attorney General is just as smooth, slick and straight-faced An Obvious Liar, as has ever been seen on National TV in America (Naturally BHO II or Jr. is best.).

Eric's recent interrogation by U.S. Congress about: "Fast & Furious" pretty-much proves that Top Level Deceit exist.

Whomever are obviously the very worst American LIARS & DECEIVERS aside, forwarned.
Keep on stupidly believing such self/clique-serving phonies and suffer the consequences.

Just remember this before next voting like some easily duped & manipulated herd as before: "Pilgrims". There's MUCH MORE at stake nowadays, than just JOBS ALONE!

Vote as if your very: "Life (childrens' & grandchildrens' lives also), Liberty, Freedom & Pursuit of Happiness" depended on your next vote.

SUCH ALL ACTUALLY DO. Maybe some National Respect Sovereignty & might also be regained?

Whatever, don't let: "Democrat/Socialist/Progressive/Marxist Political Supremacist Rulers posing as Liberals" dupe or sucker you otherwise, ONCE AGAIN.

"Screw me once, shame on YOU (re. Dems, Socialists, Progressives, Marxists or whatever)".
"Screw me twice, shame on ME (re. voters easily Dem Duped)".

The End