Want to TRULY fix: "Broken"...?
by N.R. Filidei (August 11, 2009 - commentary)

Want to TRULY fix: "Broken" American Healthcare System?
Then first & foremost leaders, lords, press or whomever should all concertedly STOP further confusing The American People about such. There's already too-damn-much-BULL being dispensed about it.

Also,...STOP lumping together MEDICARE with MEDICAID as if both are same. Such just not so.

MEDICARE is Individual Paid For by MONTHLY PREMIUMS taken or deducted from a retiree's also Paid For Social Security (F.I.C.A) Account dispersals or monthly receipts. MONTHLY PREMIUMS are also deducted for any Drug Plans a retiree has chosen TO PURCHASE (or not).

If any shortfalls in monies are needed for MEDICARE System or Drug Plans,...merely raise The Premiums,...as ALREADY quite commonly done yearly FOR BOTH. BOTH my Premiums for MEDICAIRE & Drug Plan have about doubled (or better?) for me, in only 7 years.

Still, wouldn't nationalizing The Pharmaceutical Industry as sort-of already done other American Industries, be of some help cutting costs in both medical & drug costs? Wouldn't government regulators forcing Drug Giants to sell their products to Americans & U.S. Hospitals similarly at much lower prices normally charged most foreign nations & other nationals on earth, even be a greater help?

Besides, why should solely Americans remain The Medical Sucker$ of The World, anyway? Also, shouldn't drugs manufactured HERE sensibly & logically be cheaper HERE?
Why-in-the-hell aren't they?

__________________________________________________ _

MEDICAID is an entirely different story since medically covers solely The Disabled, Indigent or Poor & MANY MILLIONS (old 30 ago year figure of 12.5 million is NOW EVEN MORE Purposefully Bogus) of: "Criminally Illegal Aliens" in America,...whom are & have also had TOTAL MEDICAL COVERAGE supplied by The U.S. Citizen/Taxpayer.

Thus, and since NONE on The MEDICAID Dole (U.S. Citizen or not) need ever be bothered or concern themselves about paying any premiums or bills whatsoever,...why not hit: "We The (Schnook$)" a bigger lick or more severely RAISE U.S. Taxpayers' TAXES. If more monies for an absurdly expanded MEDICAID are needed for gifting to ever-increasing amount of foreign nationals easily sneaking in here here (enemies inclusive),...just TAKE MORE from The U.S. Taxpayer AS USUAL.

Besides, such additional Public Rip-offs usually seem working quite well for most all other Big Brother wants, needs, whims or Societal Engineerings, in America. So why not just make the already quite large MEDICAID troth...to an EVEN GRANDER & BIGGER Lordly Generous Troth?

Hell,...what better way for: "Richest & Most Generous People on earth" to: "Share The Wealth" of The U.S. TAXPAYER with most needy in America & THE ENTIRE WORLD, anyway?

All We Filthy Rich (???????) Americans should just STOP being such RACIST EL CHEEPOS!!!
Make all Big Brothers & Sisters & foreign national nomads here (legal or otherwise) happy, INSTEAD. Let's all become more: "Sensitive" & "Tolerant",...all you bigots.

The End