Value of: "The Almighty Buck"?
by N.R. Filidei (2/19/09 - commentary)

Seems to me that even with all the current hullaballoo over multitude of absurd BAD Loans & BAD Mortgages previously politically encouraged (some could rightfully say:"Politically dictated to banks"),...VERY LITTLE (if anything?) is disclosed to The People about what could happen to the value of The Dollar over such.

Granted, for at least about 2 years there's actually not much that anyone can do about TOTALLY Controlling Obama & Clique of similarly minded lordly-experimenters with the vastest in history amounts of U.S. Taxpayer Monies. Total Control is Total Control,...and that's that. Just hang-in-there & tough-it-out: "Pilgrims". Let's just hope that 2 years of unabated Democrat Experimentations can even be somewhat corrected, later?

Regardless, and even though Big Brother has now determined that all BAD Loans & BAD Loans which should have never been permitted or consumated in-the-first-place and now even our Capitalist Economy now in Drastic Decline,...why so stupidly insist that U.S. Taxpayer Monies alone can rectify all these severe national problems? Also why reward those whom got us into the fix with MORE MONEY? Is such even sane (honest also)??

Sure, The Democrats all quite proudly & concertedly propagate Quite Reassuringly (naturally only easily duped fools are reassured) that their slobbered-over or fawned-over: "Messiah" President Barack Hussein Obama II or Jr. will Save The Day ala FDR mode of the past. But,...SO WHAT? Voters aren't all stupid. Get Real (!),...and/or at least historically accurate.

One can certainly give the late President Franklin Delano Roosevelt an about 10-12 year A+ mark for Effort, for trying to restore America during his: "Great Depression". He even had people planting trees in governmental make-work projects,...FOR NAUGHT. Only WWII resolved America's: "Great Depression". Not one governmental tree planted or road built ever helped doing so.

Though, and in fairness to FDR & Democrats of that time, at least they didn't so lordly & cavalierly divert TONS of U.S. Taxpayer Monies to PRIMARILY: "Bail-out" Government Programs, Corporations, Banks, and even Unions' WANTS & DEMANDS. Guess that way-back-when: "Democrat/Socialist/Leftist Political Supremacists posing as Liberals", just weren't near as Generous with The People's Money, such are today?

Then too, and in Roosevelt's Time, "The Almighty Buck" and/or Citizenry's Money that PAYS FOR EVERYTHING (even absurdest of political policies or dictates) in America, was backed by the never historically changing $20 an oz. Gold & $1 an oz. Silver.

Whereas today, America's money is solely paper backed by paper (re.Treasury Notes, Securities, Bonds & such). Plus, currencies worldwide nowadays are traded & sold in vast amounts, as if just another commodity to reap large rewards from while beating other investors at it.

In that above context, I believe We Americans should be at least a-tad-bit-concerned about possible The Dollar becoming like Monopoly Money,...even though Our Glorious Rulers obviously aren't very much concerned about such. Our Lords & Masters or Rulers are currently tossing MY/YOUR/OUR Monies around, as if already actually Monopoly Money!

Honestly, I wouldn't care about such either if I too could give myself a Nice Big Rai$e at whim, like politicians do. Instead paying myself about 3-4 thou$and a week,...I would raise myself & friends' salaries to about $300,000 a week. Whom could stop me?

Ruling Elite Lords always fairing better than Peasants aside, there are an awful lot of rich & powerful people out there in The World whom would just love seeing America kaput, and many also would no doubt be all-thrilled-to-hell if all We American Infidels were actually to drown & sink into the sea, just like Atlantans of Atlantis.

Whatever, the way I figure it during these EXTREMELY TROUBLING TIMES is that We American Citizens, Subjects, "We The (Schnooks)" or whatever have best going for us all, is just hope. This one hopes that all whom could possibly hurt America financially or otherwise (and there are many) will think wisely,...instead of the standard & typical oneupsmanship & vindictiveness (for whatever reasons) worldwide affliction?

After all,...why-in-the-hell try to spitefully further screw-up what unarguably The Most Generous (worldwide): "Golden Goose" to ever-come-down-the-pike in World History,...and even amazingly so to its enemies.

Hey,...basically if WE Loose - YOU Loose,...whether loving or hating The Good Old US of A.
So, why on earth pass up or cause your people to no longer perpetually receive The Greatest & Largest of Gifts from The U.S. Taxpayer, just because you don't like their wrappings or flag?

The End