Supremacist BULL
by N.R. Filidei (6/25/12 - commentary)

Unfortunately, now even Geraldo Rivera of FNC (Fox News Channel) is spouting or babbling same Sanctimoniously Superior Democrat Supremacist BULL, such as commonly propagated by the largely Obama Excusers of mainstream press/media.What a shame. Since a good guy, a lot of people actually believe most everything he says.

Still, how can any sane and sensible Americans believe Geraldo Rivera or any other pompously Superior (solely in their eyes of course) Democrat Political Supremacists typically posing as Caring Liberals, whom all echoingly and deceptively state that Congressional Hearing about that: "Fast & Furious" Lethal Tragedy is merely: "A Political Witch Hunt".

Are all such Arrogant Political Supremacists or basically babbling Pelosi-like Dems just-plain-nuts? Or do such career lords and ladies consider all rest of We Americans just-plain-stupid?

Discovering whom authorized the gifting of about 2500 Assault Weapons that killed U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and other Americans on border, plus also no doubt MANY (God Only knows how many) of the 50,000 Mexican Deaths,...must never ever be so stupidly called: "A Political Witch Hunt".

Seeking justice for both American & Mexican bereaved families are never Political Witch Hunts!

Some High Officials must be held responsible for the MANY MILLION$ in U.S. Taxpayer Monies foolishly (actually quite stupidly) expended, and thus causing so many deaths on our Southern Border.

Take note, folks. Flunkies or low ranking officials simply cannot authorize MANY MILLION$ in Public Funds. Only Higher-ups or those at The Top can authorize such BIG BUCKS.

In that context, don't foolishly permit the congressional investigation of Whom (Highest to lowest level) are responsible for so many deaths occurring be stopped.

Don't be suckered (as are many) by: "His Barackness" or Imperial Obama's erroneously dictating that: "Executive Privilege" nonsense. "Transparency", a--!!!

Also, the diversionary ploy of Executive Privilege now so obviously used for hiding or covering up Quite Deadly Transgressions at The Highest Levels of Authority,...should never be called: "A Political Witch Hunt". Holder's despicable: "Fast & Furious" COVER UP just isn't so.

Honestly and thus not politically, the obscene body count currently along that's U.S. and Mexican Border that's so-damn-high actually has nothing to do with any so-called: "Political witch hunts", whatsoever.

Don't let Obama, Holder, Pelosi or any other dishonest types in high office, convince otherwise.

Besides, most should already know that ONLY Criminals, Dopers or Duplicitously Power Hungry Dem Politicos (both electees & appointees) prefer that Americans consider the: "Fast & Furious Tragedy" as merely; "A Political Witch Hunt".

If The Truth be exposed about: "Fast & Furious" INSTEAD, such would be quite damning to all above alluded to,...and especially to Dem Politicos. Criminals & Dopers don't usually pretend being honest, sincere and honorable people.

Regardless and in fairness to Geraldo, there are many other Like-minded (ie. Dem adoring, venerating & supportive types) Hacks/Pundits/Journalists/Entertainers in mainstream press/media whom ALSO feebly defend many obvious Democrat Failures and even Covering-up of Failures,...quite similarly as if on some non-stop annoying record.

Though, and since so many more Hispanics have undoubtedly been killed or wounded by: "Fast & Furious" weapons than Anglos or Gringos were,...perhaps Mr. Rivera might have second thoughts about his strangely accepting Dems' standard Political BS over so many stupidly politically sanctioned, induced or caused deaths?

Hey, never know?

The End