Canada & China Are Much Wiser
by N.R. Filidei (2/10/12/ - commentary)

Given America's current failing economy with U.S. Government policies and regulations daily making matters worse, it should be quite obvious to most that both Canadian and Chinese leaders are much the wiser and more pragmatic than America's. Obviously more honest also.

Solely American Leaders lordly stifle production, use and trade of Our Abundant Natural Resources. Disgust over such realities are reasons why being so-damn-sarcastic.

Those nations actually being much wiser than America were recently reported about.

"Bilateral relations have reached 'a new level' following a series of MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR trade and business agreements to ship additional trade and business agreements and other products to the Asian superpower". Apparently Canadians and Chinese are quite shrewd negotiators, also.

Whereas, America's ruling elite obviously have no business sense whatsoever.

Running up the U.S. National Debt by selling tons & tons (in Trillion$) of Federal Notes & Securities to China & Saudi Arabia (plus other wealthy nations), leaves USA quite vulnerable.

Simultaneously encouraging The American Consumer to continue on buying mostly tons & tons of Chinese products (other nations' products also),...also doesn't make our future look very good.

Hell,...tons of GE Windmills & Light Bulbs daily coming from China isn't very reassuring either.

Besides, if America's Leaders (HONESTLY???) wish to produce sorely needed jobs in America as propagated, why not just rule more sensibly as Canada, China and most other sensibly practical nations worldwide do,...FOR-A-CHANGE.

Granted, those: "On The Dole" (re. Public Sector Officials & Workers or People On Welfare) daily surviving from Taxpayer Funding, Will Never Agree. Plus, having Guaranteed Jobs with Best Pays & Best Bennies possible on earth,...what's-to-bitch-about anyway?

Regardless, one sure hopes that all those millions such as alluded to won't get near as rowdy as their Greek counterparts: "On The Dole" have acted recently? A stark reality is that Americans are no different than Greeks,...when it comes to giving up freebies.

Still, if all rest of We Americans must: "Tighten belts" due poor economy, do with less and go without raises every year (without COLA increases also),...why should PUBLIC SERVANTS (Some Joke!) & MEDICAID types be guaranteed much better (plus COLA increases) most each and every year?

Don't: "We The (Schnook$)" and/or U.S. Worker/Taxpayer/Retiree deserve better? MUCH Better?

The End