Which Career-BSers Worse For USA?
by N.R. Filidei (September 22, 2009 - commentary)

Given the current nationally-suicidal: "Change" now quite lordly prevailing & dominating most all in America got me thinking. Are obvious since repeatedly prove LIARS of Officialdom or constantly repeating & echoing same LIES as if: "Gospel" by a Supportive Press, actually more detrimental for America & The American People?

Yeah,...I know. Such is much like asking which pathological liars can be best believed or just basically trusted to produce anything worthwhile for America.

Besides, what other careers or professions other than in politics & press constantly try advancing selves over others,...by twisting & perverting words & minds overall? Lawyers instead opting being appointed as Judges instead of just remaining at typical Political Ruling Elite? Most or about 85% of Professors of Academe typically promoting Liberals as being Morally Superior? Hey,...you got me there. Even such deserve no respect from The U.S. Taxpayer.

Whatever, no Americans should remain forever suckered by all such Purposeful Deceivers and/or those usually benefitting Better Than Most from constant deceptions of The U.S. Taxpayer. Such can: "Change" names soothingly or people-pacifyingly all they need or want. But,...TERRORISTS will always be TERRORISTS and THIEVES will always be THIEVES just like LIARS will always be LIARS,...whether lying purposefully done by politicos of Washington, DC or Tehran. Such is universally despicable of most in politics.

Though, and in fairness to The Iranian People, I can't even imagine that They Too would just as: "Stupidly" accept political word changes as easily as many Americans normally do? Wouldn't believe in a million years that Iranians would accept obviously repeated Despicable Officialdom Lyings as merely being: "Just a-tad-bit-disingenuous"?

Well, that's enough explaining that Americans in general can be officially lied to day-in & day-out, both before & after elections. Whereas many (actually will never know?) Iranians were killed during their lengthy mayhem & rioting in the streets, due Their Rigged Election.

Here in America somewhat similarly & fraudulently screwed Voters did nada, niente, zilch and/or uttered nary a whimper. Neither did Press and/or once called: "Guardians of The Public",...nor amazingly even the U.S. Attorney General. Gee,...I wonder why not he asks sarcastically?

Regardless, and as TRULY disingenuous as it is/was calling proved flat-out-LIARS of America's Political Officialdom: "Disingenuous" instead,...why all the hullaballoo over such semantics these days. Why the phony political outrage displayed by both Democrat Lords & Press over Representative Wilson saying: "You Lie"(!) to: "His Barackness"?

Hey,...A LIAR is A LIAR is A LIAR.
Matters not whether Daily Proven LIARS are from The Vatican, Democrat Mount Olympus and/or just plain old Washington, DC.

Besides, why did and still do Democrats & Press make such-a-big-deal about Wilson HONESTLY calling PROVED LIAR Obama A LIAR, and having to apologize to most everyone on earth as if insulting some king, anyway? Are all such hypocrites of royal blood, nuts or just all have bad memories??

FOR LAST 8 YEARS (now going on 9th) MANY Americans (myself included) had to Quite Disgustingly SINCE BOGUS & FALSE hear President George W. Bush constantly & concertedly called: "A LIAR" to Our Friends & Allies & To The World. Besides joyfully uplifting all Democrats greatly, such false belittlings of U.S. President no doubt also greatly encouraged, gratified & satisfied of Fanatical Islamic Enemies.

Also, and in all that time (plus to this very day) that gaggle of TRULY PATHOLOGICAL LIARS and/or likes of Clinton, Pelosi, Reid, Dean, Franks, and EVEN ex-Presidents Carter & Clinton (first to do so in history) demeaning Bush,...never even apologized ONCE for so doing. Neither did anyone from Dems' exceptionally supportive & largely propagandizing press ever apologize to Bush, either.

So then,...get The GREAT BIG HYPOCRITICAL PICTURE: "Pilgrims"?

One Dare Never say anything even slightly derogatory about: "Democrat/Socialist/Leftist Political Supremacists posing as Liberals",...since will be pretty-much decreed as blatant blasphemy by their duped Adoring & Venerating Followers & Quite Supportive & Protective Press.

Whereas one can say or print whatever-the-hell-liked, can conjure-up or flat-out-lie-about We Despicable (now labelled: "Anti-government" & "Racist Nazis") PRO America over all other nations Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians & Independents. Apparently no: "Tolerance" WILL EVER BE REQUIRED for We Light-skinned U.S. Citizens/Taxpayers? Too bad.

Besides & since biases are so obvious & evident, don't all other dark people on earth have same Democrat and/or Divine Right: "Coming to America" and made wards or responsibility of The U.S. Citizen/Taxpayer, ALSO? Must solely Mexicans & Central Americans be FOREVER so-damn-preferentially and/or so biased treated?

The End