DEADLY Political Carnival
by N.R. Filidei (2/22/07 - commentary)

Unfortunately for All We Americans and especially U.S. Forces on the forefront of keeping us Safe, Secure & Free,...from The Korean War to date America's uniquely non-stop and never ending political carnival ALWAYS TOOK/TAKES CENTER STAGE & PRECEDENCE. Today, yesterday or yesteryear such despicably never changes.

In fact, and as to the longtime norm of politicizing and/or politically micro-managing warfare and very survival, matters have recently gotten even worse. As absurdly nationally-suicidal as it might seem (Hell!!!,...actually is.), many Power & Control Freaks/Supremacists or Staunch Leftist Ideologues of Academe, Beltway, Hollywood and Journalism Crowds and/or those of greatest voice in America,...just WILL NOT HAVE IT any other way.

Take it or leave it, and just keep doing as told by your morally-superior lords and betters. Naturally, that: "Superior" bit solely in "Their" minds only, and must be qualified. All average Decent Americans are actually much more superior and infinitely more honest,...and most definitely less greedy.

Tough luck: "Pilgrims", People, Schnooks, Dupes, Suckers, Subjects or whatever. Just suck-it-up and grin-and-bare-it. By now, even the most stupid of Americans must realize full well that if nothing really changed after: "9/11" and/or Declaration of War on USA by Islamo/Fascist Terrorists,...nothing ever will. OVERLY-politicized America and/or: "A Government of The (Politician), By The (Politician) and For The (Politician)" WILL NEVER CHANGE. That's just how it is.

Regardless, that so many supposedly Sane(?), Superior(?) and Grown-up(?): "Democrat/Socialist/Leftist Leaders (fanatical army of supporters also) posing as Liberals" still obviously much prefer continual political oneupmanship or the: "Divide & Conquer" route and/or daily pitting one American against the other during wartime RATHER THAN NATIONAL SURVIVAL,...IS TRULY AMAZING. Daily & To World:"Bush-bashing" The Wartime Commander-In-Chief quite asininely self-defeating, also.

Are politics actually that much more important than physical and national survival, for such idiots? Thus, it's no wonder why so many foreigners think We Americans are naive fools for daily putting up with obviously absurd political dictates or policies. Besides, thought we fought and freed ourselves of such a lordly type governance or pompous dictatorial rule, circa 1776?

Whatever, and since Democrat Absurdities never cease to amaze and daily get even worse, guess it logical assuming that America's unique Breed of Nationally-Suicidal Bombers/Wartime Political Underminers,...just can't stop doing what they do? "They", and much like the similar power & control hungry Mullahs of Islam are innately duplicitous, even though Fanatical Muslims usually and daily deceive flock quite differently and/or: "In The Name of Allah", rather than The DNC.

Granted, in general comparing American Despots to Arab Despots isn't usually a very fair comparison to make. After all, both dress so differently. However, and since both in common are quite deadly for others and solely concerned about the betterment of themselves and respective cliques and to-hell-with-everyone-else,...such certainly: "Works-fir-me".

Still, what This Honest & Honorable Veteran finds even more disgusting about leaders than usual, is that such Wartime Undermining (every which way possible) Democrat Ilk have an overall intelligence insulting and unmitigated gall about them. In concert most all propagate simultaneously that: "We Support The Troops". Yeah, sure? The key questions most definitely needed here are: Just HOW & WHOSE TROOPS do YOU types actually support??

Do YOU fanatically-political Dem Nuts: "Support The Troops" ala Movie Star; "Hanoi Jane" Fonda and Rhodes Scholar Bill Clinton despicably demoralizing and enemy encouraging and/or QUIT TREASONABLE (done on foreign soil) modes or innately unconscionable styles? Or, Do YOU: "Support The Troops" as typical War Protesters or Wartime Underminers normally do,...such as right here on American Soil?

Which way is it? Truly hard distinguishing the difference without having access to so many Passports of such wealthy hypocrites, fools, phonies, zealots, charlatans, people-deceivers, career-politicians, political lords, or whomever or whatever.

Regardless, wish ANYONE would clear such things up for myself and other likely: "Soft Targets of Opportunity" for Islamic Terrorists? Also, I just cannot understand why even career-politicians would want to grasp power & control over rubble,...or even: "Recapture The White House" if in rubble, for that matter? Dem Lords actually believe themselves bomb & bullet-proof??

Thus, The People placing their faiths (votes also) on always enemy encouraging Big Brother & Foreigner Favoring Democrats (their norms), makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
Well,...if sane, not wishing to waste votes and fearing death, anyway.

The End