by N.R. Filidei (2/3/09 - commentary)

Granted, Barack Hussein Obama II or Junior's campaigning on Political: "CHANGE" bull for Washington's typical Democrat Ruling Elite already IN TOTAL CONTROL of U.S. Congress, had much to do for a relatively unknown (purposefuly kept so to date & more actually known about: "Joe The Plumber") entity duplicitously acquiring The U.S. Presidency.

Some believe that: "CHANGE" ploy was even more valuable than The Va$t Sum$ gleaned both Legitimately & Illegally (both domestically & from abroad) during the campaign for buying Himself and also Quite Suspect of Intent Clique, a presidency? Whichever way, The Election still stinks of A GRAND-SCALE Fraud & Corruption & whom ridiculously get Top Secret FBI Clearances during wartime, even with ties & affiliations that would only please Osama Bin Laden.

Whatever, and since now forced realizing what quite troubling changes are and will ACTUALLY be occurring in America's Capitol these days, WE MUST concertedly ask ourselves:
"Just what-in-the-hell-Good are all these proposed & greatly hyped CHANGES for The U.S. Citizen/Worker/Taxpayer" & U.S. Military ALSO?

So far only the Quite Powerful & Wealthy: "Fat Cats" of The Corporate U.S. Government (America is largest non-productive corporation on earth.) and other Biggies of The Corporate World seem concerned about, and are being quite generously addressed & taken care of with U.S. Taxpayer Monies. Why is that?

Don't: "We The (Schnooks)" and/or The U.S. Taxpayer count?

Must only America's Middle Class Subjects: "Tighten their belts" or patiently; "Tough-it-out" since being told By Most Everyone (even by Still Fawned Over Obama inclusive) that: "Things will likely get worse before getting better"? Will Nancy Pelosi give up her Private Jet?

Should our new Political Lords (Ladies also) & Masters be solely concerned about selves & caring for & appeasing America's Multitude (actually in the MANY MILLIONS) of Criminally Illegal Aliens (pacifyingly press & politically misnomered as: "Illegal Immigrants") in perpetuity,...merely for Increasing The Democrat Political Supremacist Machine Staunch & Beholding Voter Base? I don't think so.

Oh, and by the way, let's not forget about latest Typical Democrat/Leftist Wartime Under-mining Political Carnival Absurdities daily & quite disgustingly unfolding. Hey,..."Only in America"!

Yeah,...that's right:"Pilgrims". When you have obvious Career-Foxes appointing other Career-Foxes to High Positions of Authority (even as Judges) even though the norm here,...shouldn't the following questions also be asked? Hopefully one can get some straight and/or apolitical answers...for-a-change?

Regardless, here comes a few more greatly needed questions in quite troubled America.

How come so many High Mucky-Muck Democrat Political Electees or Appointees eventually fessing-up (due political necessity of course) avoiding taxes FOR YEARS aren't heavily fined & pretty-much nailed-to-the-cross by IRS, similarly as most other Tax Avoiding Americans quite threateningly, forcefully and/or normally are?

Why is it that usually just a few apologetic crocodile tears suffice for such Wealthy:"Fat Cat", "Scoff Law" & "Above The Law" Senators, Congressmen (women also) & Lobbyists?

Is such even: "FAIR"? Never mind that such greedy of richest types are often the ones responsible for cavalierly taxing the rest of We Americans mercilessly and/or every-which-way-possible-under-the-sun,...and quite differently Woe if We Peasants Don't Pay Our Taxes Quickly & Swiftly!!!

Though and since Top Dogs at IRS no doubt are also Political Appointees, such does sort-off-explain why not just only: "A Double Standard" exists for Democrats usually getting away with Murder whereas Republicans & Independents normally get pilloried just for Jaywalking. Obviously there's also apparently a quite similar: "Double Standard" for Dems at The IRS.

I can't even imagine a Republican Dog Catcher getting off so-damn-easily from The IRS.
Can anyone else?

The End