"Checks & Balances... A Grandiose Fallacy"
by N.R. Filidei (1/27/09 - commentary)

Admittedly being honestly & totally informed since an avid FNC (Fox News Channel) watcher instead of the quite differently & largely Democrat championing Mainstream News Networks or pacifiers (their norm), is not always very pleasurable. More often than not, being informed about the absolute truth about politicians & government is actually quite disgusting, at best.

But then heard somewhere that: "The truth is not always kind", and especially about those somehow: "Connected", "Living high off the hog", affiliated and/or thriving Much Better than most from Political Bull. Nowhere other than in politics can one be rewarded so-damn-much, for accomplishing or basically serving society so-damn-little.

Granted, most politicians, political appointees, most Public Sector Workers, pundits, lobbyists, and even Political Science (another oxymoron like Political-Correctness) teachers & professors will Quite Adamently Disagree, Scoff & Ridicule all alluded to above. Such is certainly understandable.

Hey,...not even the wealthiest, most notable & most powerful & controlling of such Americans never like having their great lifelong livelihoods or: "Golden Gooses" debunked, as being about as worthwhile & needed for society as tits on a bull.

A little political bull or bovine levity aside, no doubt most of America's self-anointed Societal Betters (as alluded to previously) will also concertedly & quite echoingly scoff at my also believing that The Governmental Branches' supposed Checks & Balances are actually nothing more than A Grandiose Fallacy, and quite people-deceiving also. Such nothing more than another political ploy for: "Keeping the natives from getting restless" and/or uncontrollable when more & more absurd & quite biased preferential dictates & taxations are forced down our throats. Fortunately Republicans/Conservatives aren't as lordly & greedy.

Think me somewhat exaggerating? Well don't. Think about supposed or so-called: "Checks & Balances" of The Executive, Legislative & Judicial Branches of The United States Government sensibly, logically and apolitically and/or not as herdlike politically told doing,...for-a-change.

After all, only idiots could honestly believe that the new TOTALLY America CONTROLLING Democrat Political Supremacist Party Political Electees & Appointees would ever dare go or vote against the staunch ideologic wants, wishes & desires of those getting them their High & Lofty positions of Great Power & Control in the first place,...no matter which Branch of Government career politicos were elected or appointed to.

Believing that America's Checks & Balances now somehow worthwhile for The People, is absurd. For Citizenry makes much more sense & worthwhile believing in: "The Tooth Fairy". For foreign nationals (here legally or otherwise),...eh? Political Supremacists might actually serve "Them" some good?

Regardless, could anyone possibly believe that the new Obama,Biden & Pelosi Wartime Chain of Command with those disgustingly cavalier: "I Won" & "We Won" arrogant & lordly mindsets & mentalities will ever go against their similarly minded Democrat All Controlling U.S. Congress,...or visa-versa??

Then too, and while at it, just take a wild guess as to which Political Party now also has Total Control of The Department of Justice and whom get Investigated & Prosecuted (or not)? Also, just take another wild guess as to what type new Supreme Court Judges will be proposed for any vacancies,...and no doubt be quite easily confirmed? Only Conservative Judges are typically public pilloried & vilified and/or pretty-much & with great lordly superiority character assassinated.

Slice, dice or excuse America's last 2 year (actually 8 year) sick, disgusting, people-dividing, nationally under-mining & enemy encouraging Political Carnival or Debacle anyway liked. But, those Checks & Balances for Government honestly no longer actually exist.

I'm sorry to state such beliefs for all Americans already obviously put at further risk than should ever need be by new political leaders, and especially for The U.S. Military & Intelligence Community having done so well keeping us alive & safe from terrorism for last 8 years,...since looks like now same will become much more encumbered & more difficult doing.

Whatever, do your very best for US as before & as usual,...since truly appreciated.

The End