Civilian Way Wrong!!!
by N.R. Filidei (4/22/13 - commentary)

One can't help but notice that prosecuting captured Muslim Terrorists (Chechen, Palestinian, Taliban, Al Queda & whatever more infidel murdering bents there are) in the U.S. Criminal Court system is unarguably wrong.

Only special military courts should dispense justice for such Obvious War Crime Perpetrators.

Matters not whether war crimes were purposefully perpetrated in WWII by the Hitler Crowd or during this latest or Eighth of Islamic 100 Year Holy Wars or Jihads. A War Crime is A War Crime, is A War Crime.

After all, isn't/wasn't purposefully targeting and mass-murdering defenseless Infidel (Muslim also) men, women and children (babies also) the very worst type of War Crime EVER???

Also, why foolishly accord such unconscionably mass-murderous sickos the very same rights, courtesies and treatments given common criminals or typical enemy combattants (U.S. Citizens or foreign nationals), anyway?

Treat mass-murderers of men, women and children (babies also) no better than rabid dogs.   Naturally only after every bit of pertinent info has been thoroughly gleaned or extracted.

The End