Closing Gitmo is Insane!!!
by N.R. Filidei (April 22, 2015 - commentary)

In some semblance of American Homeland Safety & Security (Caribbean too) and also logic, common sense and rational thinking by leaders,'s obviously unarguable that Closing Gitmo is INSANE!!!

Any arguing otherwise (any president inclusive) must truly be considered Suspect of Intent, at minimum.

After all, captured Radical Islamist Terrorists or Muslim Jihadists and/or purposeful mass-murderers of innocent men, women and children (babies also) MUST NEVER be considered as merely captured combatants or warriors.

Such are unarguably just despicable WAR CRIMINALS, since true warriors just fight other warriors and DO NOT SPECIFICALLY TARGET & SLAUGHTER or MASS-MURDER CIVILIANS.

Such Radically-fanatical Islamic Terrorist WAR CRIMINALS (however differently naming selves) deserve no constitutional protections or adjudication or defense by the Judicial System of The United States, and as if just common thieves, criminals or murderers.

Such Muslim WAR CRIMINALS solely deserve being tried and adjudicated by Military Tribunals, such as at Guantanamo or any military base or installation worldwide, just as was rightfully done for such scum after WWII.

Nazi mass-murderers and other atrocity perpetrators were tried and either executed or given very long prison terms by the Military War Criminal Tribunal, in Nuremberg, Germany.

Same-o, same-o was the fate of all captured Imperial Japanese WAR CRIMINALS, in Japan.

So then, why-in-the-hell and Instead Quite Insanely FREE Radically-Fanatical & Barbaric Islamic WAR CRIMINALS so they can obviously commit further atrocities against America, our Allies, and all other Infidels mot kowtowing to Islam, worldwide?

Why-on-earth constantly hinder: "America's Finest" and/or the U.S. Military, by governing so-damn-stupidly-suicidal?

Are our political leaders and currently now actually our military's micro-managers just-plain Naive, Stupid and All Nuts,...or Worse????

The End