"Collective Bargaining" For SUCKERS
by N.R. Filidei (2/28/11 - commentary)

Granted, collective bargaining between workers and their bosses of large businesses or corporations have worked rather well, whether in this century or twentieth. None can nor should ever deny such. Besides, any job protection is better than none at all.

Hoooweeever,...don't stupidly be suckered by the last 2 weeks of that Purposefully Concocted Union Solidarity Duplicity & Charade in Wisconsin. Before used by War Protesters: "The wheel that squeels the loudest gets the grease" was most likely first coined by unions?

Whatever,...We HAVE NOTS (or Having Much Less) of the PRIVATE SECTOR should never be or have been forced or dictated Collective Bargaining with that large minority of HALVES (or Having Much More) of the PUBLIC SECTOR...in the first place.

What's to bargain about, anyway? Solely Ruling Elite Superiors(?) should perpetually DEMAND (eh???) more of MY/YOUR/OUR and/or U.S. Taxpayer monies (the norm).

Supposed EQUALS Collective Bargaining against each other as to whom are worthier &
deserve more monies & benefits than others, is downright silly. Well,...in true democracies anyway.

Public Sector better pays, guaranteed days off & long vacations, great benefits, medical & guaranteed big retirement packages are all: "Cadillac Plans" or generally best in America, ALREADY. So why all the union protesting in Wisconsin & all over country as if tyranized Egyptians or Libyans?? Does too much cheese scramble some brains?

Besides, why should both hooky playing contract teachers & absentee oathtaking WI Senators plus purposefully brought-in Dem/Union community organizers, agitators or strong-armers (mainly dues collectors also)...DICTATE what We Private Sector SUCKERS pay wealthier class of Americans, anyway?

None alluded to Represent ME/YOU/US and/or overwhelming majority We U.S. Citizens/Taxpayers. So then,...why do governors & leaders (supposedly?) keep putting up with such Class Supremacy Ploys & Nonsenses? Are there some compromising photos floating around Great Lakes?

Regardless,...if teachers illegally strike or: "Wild-Cat Walkout" or play hooky,...FIRE THEM.
What's-the-big-deal? Betcha there are lots of even better teachers out there looking for jobs.

If oathtaking TO THE PEOPLE State Senators skip-out & away from duties,...FIRE THEM TOO. They most likely served no good for people in the first place. Hire capitol maintenance crew or sweepers to make up a quorum.

Unfortunately, there's not much that can be done about Union: "Fat Cats Hierarchy" trying to keep remainder of their BIG DUE$ collected from Wisconsin Teachers intact. That's their main function in life.

Such Dues Collectors could care less about the MANY lost dues from MANY teachers whom will have to be laid-off, due their stubbornesss. Same unions are & have been organizing overseas so as to pick up even MORE BIG BUCK$ in DUE$ overall. Such new foreign monies more than make up for any dues lost in Wisconsin.

Still, and since this is America,...NO U.S. Citizens should ever be FORCED/DICTATED joining any union anywhere.

NOOOOR,...should any union worker be FORCED/DICTATED contributing to Marxist/Progressive Party ALONE, from his or her dues. This isn't Russia,...YET.

The End