Wannabe Commissariat V.P.???
by N.R. Filidei (10/27/08 - commentary)

U.S. Senator Biden's: "Hissy-fit" while being intervieved on an Orlando, Florida station yesterday, most certainly raises some serious questions about those quite arrogantly & cavalierly party to America's Currently Obvious Grand-scale Election Fixing going on.

1. How come serious questions as to a Quite Suspect Muslim & Socialistic upbringing & background & current multitude of despicable ties & affiliations about Barack Hussein Obama II or Jr.,...DARE NEVER be asked about in public by The Mainstream Press/Media? Whereas, everything possible, imaginable & even absurdly false & undermining The McCain/Palin Ticket, MUST BE Daily Reported concertedly and as if: "Gospel"?

2. Why is it that on National Matters of such Great Importance: "For The People", in that only cable channel FNC (The Fox News Channel) has; "Fair & Balanced" interviews, specials & reportage in general about The Candidates,...whereas the overall Mainstream Press/Media and/or country's Major Networks report only what POSITIVE (even false) about Obama & NEGATIVE (even false also) about both McCain & Palin?

3. Never mind ACORN & other such large entities longtime known & already proved guilty of both Voter Registration Fraud & Actual Final Voting Fraud. Aren't in large part Mainstream Press/Media JUST AS CULPABLE of VOTER FRAUD PERPS,...by their daily biased deceits?

After all, always solely airing what FAVORABLE about their: "Darling" Obama while quite differently at every opportunity making McCain & Palin look Bad,...is also quite obvious VOTE FIXING.

4. So then, and since apparently both politicians & journalists(?) CANNOT(?) or WILL NOT police themselves as needed for once again having A LEGITIMATE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, shouldn't The FCC step in & rectify the despicable matter since supposedly free of all political ties (Dictates by Billionaire Monies also)?

Besides, I personally don't believe that America is ready for A One Party Political Supremacy System of Governance ala Old Soviet Union & similarly validated by a Tass, Pravda & Izvestia type Press,...YET. To hell with the Obama, Biden & Pelosi Crowd of: "Democrats/Leftists/Socialists posing as Liberals". Americans no doubt prefer Freedom & Liberty,...INSTEAD.

The End