Pretty-much Contented Suckers
by N.R. Filidei (1/4/13 - commentary)

Given that so little outrage (if any?) is displayed over even despicably insane wastes of MY/YOUR/OUR and/or U.S. Taxpayer monies (the norm),'s more than just fair saying that We Americans in general are pretty-much Contented Suckers!

Granted, little if any mention was lately made by mainstream press/media that We Americans and already Payers for EVERYTHING, are now even forced/dictated gifting 20 F-16 fighters and 200 tanks (worth about 1.3 Billion$ of MY/YOUR/OUR money) to Egypt's Ruling Muslim Brotherhood and America's plus All Infidels': "Avowed to Allah Enemies".

What's next?

Will: "We The (Schnook$)" and/or U.S. Taxpayers be forced/dictated by Our Ruling Elite to buy weaponry (ALSO likely used against We Americans) for either Syrian, Iranian, North Korean governments and most all other Terrorist Types in general, ALSO????

Hell! This foolishly arming Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood is even more insane and nationally suicidal than stupidly arming Mexico's Drug Cartels or that previous: "Fast & Furious" debacle, which has been a BIG TIME COVER-UP by both Obama & Holder for QUITE SOME TIME.

The U.S. Administration came/comes across just as inept, pathetic and obviously not caring very much of protecting American Lives at U.S. Consulate at Benghazi, Libya (re: "Benghazi-gate"), ALSO.

Amazingly there too elected or politically appointed big-wigs or high ruling elite were/are never held accountable for such Great Losses of U.S. Citizens Lives.

There too and even after the election, mainstream press/media largely and quite purposefully STILL keeps such Governmental Top Level Cavalier Disregard for American Lives pretty-much under wraps or kept secret from: "We The People".

Why is that?   Just whom are America's mainstream press/media actually STILL protecting???

The End