Biggest Contributor$ get Biggest PAY-OFFS
by N.R. Filidei (4/1/11 - commentary)

Surprisingly, now even some mainstream press/media millionaire anchors are Honestly reporting that after last presidential campaign the Biggest contributor$ get Biggest of PAY-OFFS from winning ruler, god, dictator or whichever, feigning to just SOLELY Serve The People. Yeah, sure? Just like Karl Marx in good faith SOLELY Served The People?

Whatever, AARP, Ginnie Mae & Freddie Mac, Jeffrey Immelt & George Soros are just a few of largest Obama Campaign Supporter$ standing to reap vast fortunes collectively from: "We The (Schnook$)" and/or U.S. Taxpayer. Pay-offs or rewards for supportive unions or organizational thuggery or concerted disruptiveness, are just too many to mention.

Obviously AARP's great contribution$ should garner them quite a grandiose amount of MY/YOUR/OUR or U.S. Taxpayer Monies, if European type Healthcare or: "Obamacare" isn't stopped dead in its non-constitutional tracks.

The current thievery proving even more profitable than Madoff's by Ginnie Mae & Freddy Mac from The People's Money, is actually mindboggling. Giving these same Public Thieves & main cause of America's: "Financial Meltdown" EVEN MORE BILLION$ instead of Fines & Jail Time, is worse than just defying logic & common sense. Such is Nationally Despicable.

Then, there's that tight Obama buddy Immelt or largest (?) of campaign contributor$ & GE CEO proving that old adage. "It pays (BIG TIME) to have friends in high places" is most certainly proved by both Barack & Jeffrey.

After all, General Electric Corporation PROFITTING 14 BILLION$ last year & paying 0 in corporate taxes, does-sort-of speak volumes. Yeah, that's right,...ZERO!

Sure hope that at least those BILLION$ in corporate taxes Immelt & Obama screwed America out of means that the smallest portion of GE Jobs left here in America (most of GE's 300,000 jobs are currently overseas), will remain here in America? I don't believe such is expecting too-damn-much from Immelt?

Can't say would expect any concern about American Jobs remaining in America coming from old George Soros, since not actually certain where his alllegiance lays in-the-first-place?

Plus, there's that helping out Billionaires get Wealthier & Rich in Natural Resources nation (not as much as America) Brazil get richer NONSENSE, YOUR/MY/OUR or U.S. Taxpayer expense that blows the mind. Let the Brazilian Taxpayers help out Soros, instead.

Amazing,...isn't it? While President Barack Hussein Obama II or Jr. pretty-much shut down America's offshore oil drilling & stifles Our Oil Indusry,...he cavalierly doles out about 2 BILLION$ of U.S. Taxpayer Funds to his other buddy Soros & Petrobraz (George's baby).

Thus, Brazil can drill off their shores & sell it or stuff it to US just like The Saudis typically do. Apparently all foreign oil IS GOOD & American Oil IS VERY, VERY BAD,...children.

Damn! What in-you-face Lordly Gall or Audacity & complicite: "Wash my back & I'll wash yours" Corruptness at highest of levels. "There's a sucker born every minute" impresario P.T. Barnum would be proud.

Besides, do Barry S. or Barack O. & Cohorts just believe we are all Green Moron: "Tree Huggers", boobs or just-plain-stupid Suckers?

Orrrrrrrrr, could it be that such obvious finnaglers & partners in crime actually believe selves that much wiser & superior to: "We The People"? Such sure-as-hell seems so to me.

Either way,...We Americans Deserve Better! MUCH BETTER!!!

The End