Phonies', Hypocrites' and Deceivers' CONVENTION
by N.R. Filidei (September 4, 2012 - commentary)

Since ALL entering their DNC or Democrat National Convention MUST show Photo IDs before entering the convention hall (all federal bldgs. also),...why are most Dems, President BHO II or Jr. and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder so-damn-adamently opposed to requiring The American People to show valid Photo IDs BEFORE VOTING???

Whereas all Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians or any others sensibly proposing that Photo IDs be required before voting to curtail a magnitude of obviously ILLEGAL VOTER FRAUDS (documented) and a multitude of ILLEGAL VOTING IRREGULARITIES (also proved) are absurdly called: "Racists", most all those quite purposeful Phonies, Hypocites and Deceivers as alluded to above.

So then, if still stupidly believing yourselves: "Racists" merely for quite sensibly wanting America's Voting System to require Honest & Legitimate Identification (as is required for most everything else in America), let me sell all of you Gullible Suckers The Brooklyn Bridge, AGAIN!

After all, any people Still ignorantly satisfied after 4 years of expensive failures, broken promises and being lied to and Still believing what comes out of either side of those godless or PC Duplicitous Phonies', Hypocrites' and Deceivers' mouths,...really should buy my family's very own bridge.

The very first of you lucky schnooks will even get to keep most of the tolls. I promise.

The End